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racer_ace Reader
9/23/13 10:05 p.m.

Thanks for all of the input guys.

Dean1484 - thanks for the offer. Once I have sorted the issue out and have more faith in the car I may take you up on your offer regarding compression testing.

I had replaced the T-stat with an OEM piece a few years (only ~3,000 miles) ago. I replaced the water pump, the coolant fill neck and all of the hoses at the same time.

I did not get a chance to check for leaks around the injectors with carb cleaner this past Sunday. This coming weekend I will give that a shot and will also check out the coolant sensor, the coolant sender, and the air temp sensor.

fidelity101 Dork
9/25/13 10:34 a.m.
dean1484 wrote:
Hungary Bill wrote: sweet! It's like an EKG for our cars!
I was trying to market it and sell it but ran out of time and since I was purchasing a house at the same time ran out of $$$ to back it as well. That was 4-5 years back I should probably re visit it now. But I then started the 944 steering shaft rebuilding side business and that has been providing some real good beer money. So this has been on the shelf.

I might be tempted...

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