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fasted58 MegaDork
4/5/18 1:11 a.m.
frenchyd said:
fasted58 said:


I was planning one of these: 75K BTU propane or NG (propane will convert to NG as well) till I dig the gas line. Hangs from ceiling joists w/ minimal clearance. Shop is over 900 sq. ft.

I can get a free used forced air furnace from my HVAC contractor buddy but it'd hafta sit in the 'well' of the addition next to the gas powered equipment, and ducting into the shop floor would be a pita.

Anybody have one? Comments/ recommendations?

DIY duct work is a Royal pain in the posterior. Careful measurement and planning is required  along with just the right combination of pieces. Make a slight mistake anyplace and warm air won’t reach because of too much turbulence or too much length/ bends.  Now a pro will be able to have everything needed or fabricate the required pieces.  On the other hand it took countless trips to the big box store as I put my back up system together.* I still have  about 20 pieces left over that were altered or used and replaced. That I can’t return.  

Sheetmetal ain't bad work, learning curve like anything else, gets easier after the first install. I don't consider it a PITA at all, really kinda liked it. I'd prefer contractor supply house over box stores for material. Right tools are important so ya don't jerk yurself off cobbling E36 M3. Prefer sheetmetal shop equipment too. Garage install on a open floor plan is about as easy as it gets w/ box store material and is GRM type DIY-able. Residential is a lot more involved, maybe not so GRM friendly. YMMV.

frenchyd Dork
4/5/18 9:08 a.m.

In reply to fasted58 :

yes to be fair it was into a Double Timber-frame house and you can’t just  drill a big hole, get a  Sawzall and open up that black walnut timber because the air duct has to go there.  

I enjoy sheet metal work when I’m forming a fender or rolling a bead.  But when you’ve been to six places to find a duct with a tighter radius  only to wind up not using it after all.  Or make a third trip for a 6 inch male to 5 inch female 90degree duct  because you brought home a 5 inch male to 6 inch female  the last time. 

The final hate of duct work is when water, sewer, electrical, and duct all have to go in the same space and this is the 3rd time you’ve moved the water, the second time the sewer, and now you have to go all the way back to the Box to bring a longer wire to reach the junction box without an extra splice. 

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