Debbie Brozyna
Debbie Brozyna Assistant to the Publisher
6/13/12 1:22 p.m.

It's almost that time of year! If you think you have an awesome car, you can still see how it measures up in the GRM 2012 Ultimate Track Car Challenge being hosted by our friends at NASA-MA and held July 20 at VIR. Spaces are limited so please don't hesitate to contact me, Debbie, by email - to get the process started.

Here's most of what you need to know:

The GRM 2012 UTCC is effectively a NASA TT run by GRM's categories instead of NASA TT classing. It will be on the 3.3 mile full course with tentatively two run groups ("big bore" and "small bore" or similar.)

Registration will take place through . You must apply to and receive an acceptance letter prior to registering. All drivers will need to be NASA members and all cars will need to have an AMB transponder on board (NASA will have rentals and they are available on the registration page.) All cars will also need to pass a NASA HPDE pre-tech and drivers will need to bring a completed copy of that form (we double check it and issue the tech sticker on site, starting at ~6:30pm the night before.) Approved helmets, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and closed-toe shoes are mandatory. NASA- and VIR-approved rollbars are required in convertibles, and drivers must pass the "broomstick test." Further safety equipment (cages, harnesses, H&N restraints, window nets, etc) is optional but highly recommended. Please note though, further safety systems will need to conform to the NASA CCR (example: certain 4-point belts aren't allowed.)

On event day, registered drivers can expect a warmup session then at least two or three, but possibly more, 15+ minute timed sessions per group. Passing rules are "anywhere with or without a point-by" and fastest lap of the day counts. Session times will be DQ'd for drivers who have any contact, 4-off, spin, or significant loss of control. Repeat offenders will be dealt with harshly - we didn't have any repeat offenders at the last three runnings of the UTCC, so I'm hoping that trend will continue. Also, later timed sessions will be gridded by prior session times to hopefully give everyone at least a few hot laps before having to deal with traffic.

Now back to the beginning as far as driver qualifications go. Keep in mind, safety is of utmost importance as far as NASA and GRM are concerned. Also that this event will feature a wide range of cars with a theoretically larger than usual spread in terms of lap times and closing speeds. Combine that with our open passing rules, as well as the aforementioned fact that cages and soforth are recommended but not required, and you will understand why we can only allow highly skilled drivers with significant related experience.

Having said that - everyone driving in the GRM '12 UTCC will need to show one of the following to get on track:

-a current pro (ALMS/Grand-Am/etc) roadracing license;

-a current SCCA regional/national non rookie roadracing license;

-a current NASA non rookie roadracing license (hard card);

-a current NASA TT license (hard card);

-a provisional NASA TT license issued in 2012 (paper copy with two signatures) and a written waiver from Jon Felton personally.

How does this last requirement work? The document is here:

There are two levels involved if this applies to you (i.e. you don't have one of the other licenses listed above.) The first level is equivalent experience. If you have proof of this, and possibly specific history & references if needed, Jon will double-sign and snail mail you the form with two signatures and the written waiver. These are effectively the tickets you will show to get your GRM UTCC run group wristband on event day. These qualifications include, but are not necessarily limited to:

-NASA instructor hard card

-NASA or SCCA rookie roadracing permits (if obtained via equivalent experience - i.e. one 3-day Skippy school isn't equivalent)

-BMWCCA and PCA rookie or non-rookie roadracing permits

-various regional organization rookie or non-rookie roadracing permits

-various vintage organization rookie or non-rookie roadracing permits

The second level is minimum experience. Specifically we need proof of at least 4+ weekends of NASA-MA HPDE3 Advanced or direct equivalent, passing-in-corners, non-instructed road course driving experience in the last 2 years. We will need to see groups, dates, passing rules, passing zones, and references. Depending upon who this was with, when it was, and what your references say, this may or may not require a check ride at any NASA roadcourse event anywhere in the country between now and the UTCC in July. You will then either get the signed paper TT license in the mail, or have it generated/signed when your check ride is done.

Across the board we handle these licensing issues on a case by case basis, and Jon Felton ( is the main point of contact for those purposes.

Also, just as before, if you have a hot car that gets accepted - but you aren't quite qualified as a driver - you are welcome to bring a 'ringer' for those purposes as long as that person meets the driver requirements stated above. Offhand, we can think of several seriously fast drivers who are interested & available, so if that's a possibility you would consider, please don't hesitate to contact Jon and I so we can put you in touch with 'em.

getfast Reader
6/13/12 1:37 p.m.

Thanks Debbie! Jon here. is the best way to reach me for UTCC questions but I'll monitor this thread also. Looking forward to a lot of fun at VIR next month!

getfast Reader
7/18/12 9:58 a.m.

Good morning Ultimate Track Car Challenge participants!

Many details about the upcoming event have just been posted here:

If you have any questions after reading that document and clicking on all the links, please don't hesitate to email me at

Thanks very much, and see you soon!


7/19/12 11:55 a.m.

Due to some last minute bad luck, I won't be making the UTCC/VIR event this weekend. As such, my "sponsor" has a paddock garage and a south bend villa available if someone wants to take over the rental. Contact Tammy at VIR, 434.822.2680, and tell her you are calling to take over the Denbigh reservation (For either or both the garage and villa suite).

Really bummed that I won't be there. Hopefully someone else will find luck from this though!

Best, Peter 540-466-4510

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