David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
2/10/06 8:48 p.m.

As Moss Motors is going to host a special Miata car corral at the upcoming Classic Motorsports Mitty event at Road Atlanta, we figure should give our car some attention. So we can better see where we're going, we recently installed some Hella European-spec headlights.

These lights simply replace the stock units. They don't look much different when off, but they have a few advantages, including better optics and a replaceable bulb. On the downside, they're not inexpensive at about $50 per lamp. Oh, and technically they're not DOT-compliant. (DOT regs require more light shine up to illuminate overhead lights, even though this puts more light in the eyes of oncoming drivers.)

Still, the performance is amazing. Here are some before and after pics. Notice how the Hellas put more light down and on the road? Also notice how they have a little kick-up on the right to illuminate sighs? Cool, huh?

To get these photos, by the way, we left the camera mounted on our tripod while we changed the lights in our driveway--at night. Fun stuff, especially when our flashlight broke.

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