10/26/08 4:36 p.m.

Hey this is my first post ORM. I come to you guys for some wisdom. I wanted to get some new struts in the front and being I own a shop I have seen some of the Ebay kits for hondas that people bring in that look like are just a universal strut then it just has a spring perch on the bottom using the existing factor strut mount and turn plate. I realize the honda struts are easier to work on because they have one bolt in the control arm vs my volvo has a knuckle but I was Planing to just make some bracket for that to work. Dont know if I could weld to a strut body or now.

Jensenman SuperDork
10/26/08 6:12 p.m.

Non sealed strut bodies are easy, you just take the top retainer off, pull the cartridge out and then weld to the body where you need to.

I did some coilovers on a set of Miata shocks simply by cutting off the spring mount, I left appoximately 1/2" for the sleeve to sit on. Worked fine.

You can weld to a sealed and pressurized strut body if you are careful and don't mind possibly getting hurt if you burn through , but there's an easier way.

http://www.mcmaster.com/ Search for 'split collars' starting on page 1136. They are available up to 75mm ID. Stack two and torque to specs, they'll be there forever.

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