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Javelin MegaDork
11/20/12 6:34 p.m.
irish44j wrote:
Javelin wrote:
njansenv wrote: Um. Recent iterations of both the WRX and STI are under 5 sec 0-60 and run low 13's stock. Also - BMW 335i sedan and coupe.

Not according to Edmund's (where I pulled the data). The current STi is 5.4 0-60. Same story on the BMW 335i.

Go to the subie forums and you can find dozens of timeslips of stock 09+ WRXs and STIs running low 13s and even a couple high 12s in the 1/4. Edmunds must use Captain Slow as their test-driver :)

Edmunds doesn't have 1/4 mile times, just 0-60. Also note that on a dragstrip you have one foot of roll-out in the staging beams, which typically reduces a 1/4 mile time or 60 foot time by at least a tenth of a second.

chandlerGTi Dork
11/20/12 8:44 p.m.

Who cares about 1/4 mile times and 0-60. There are few places to use any of that; including an autocross and most hpd events. Why are we arguing anything but driver feel and handling capabilities. I expect better from you all in the future.

pres589 SuperDork
11/20/12 9:40 p.m.

A '99 Z28 with an automatic will turn very quick 1/4 mile times, easily repeatable, and not anything special. The point of an NSX, to me, is that it is something all-around capable, and still special. Maybe that makes me a poser but racing this car doesn't make a lot of sense anymore, does it?

Tyler H
Tyler H Dork
11/20/12 9:55 p.m.

If we have to justify why an NSX is cool on this forum, something is very, very wrong.

doc_speeder Reader
11/20/12 11:42 p.m.
Tyler H wrote: If we have to justify why an NSX is cool on this forum, something is very, very wrong.

Thank you for that. It was about time somebody said it.

Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner MegaDork
11/21/12 12:27 a.m.

I've had the chance to drive a customer's NSX. Very nice car, more of a high speed setup than my typical ADD Miata. It didn't have that same urgency about changing direction, partly due to a slightly slow steering ratio (from what I recall) but it also had a great precision. I'd love to have the chance to aim it down a sweeping road and have a go at the upper end of that rev limiter over and over - driving it over the million dollar highway would be delicious.

bravenrace PowerDork
11/21/12 5:59 a.m.

Anyone who has driven an NSX knows that the sound and the balance of the vehicle are what set it apart. So the only valid comparison to it is another mid engined car from Honda.

Bobzilla UltraDork
11/21/12 7:49 a.m.
e_pie wrote:
docwyte wrote: Wiki has the NSX doing a 13.3 quarter and a 5.2 0-60. Family sedans do that now. Undoubtedly the NSX is far sexier and desirable, but in terms of todays performance, they're not particularly impressive.

Lots of things are faster than an NSX in a straight line, but once some turns are thrown in to the equasion it's a different story.

Plus there are the intangible things, like driving feel. But hey if you want to go with the numbers game I guess Miatas and the BRZ/FRS is slow, crappy, and lame too.

Funny I wouldn't have expected the bench racing numbers arguing mentality on this board, especially with Miata always being the answer.

Lots of things are faster than the NSX in the corners now too. That was my point I was trying to make in my earlier post. The NSX was amazing when it was released, and it was still a fantastic car up until it's demise. But by 1997, the competition had caught up, and by the early 2000's had demolished it.

What did Honda do? The same thing they have done for decades. Nothing. They had a great car in 1990 and they were riding it out until the end. I love the NSX. But for something that I could depend on to be a DD and track day star and not cost much for maintenance, it's definately not at the top of the list anymore. the Z51 C6 can eat it up for a fraction of the price.... and that difference in money makes a huge dent in the race tire and track fee budget.

Tyler H
Tyler H SuperDork
11/21/12 8:03 a.m.

The NSX's niche was always a supercar that you can use everyday. Shopping around, I've seen a serveral of them with nearly 300k miles. This is an expectation these days, even among exotic vehicles. In 1991, supercars still needed megabuck tune-ups every 15k miles and overheated in traffic.

Since when are supercars about making sense? It was never the fastest kid on the block.

I would love to get into an NSX now. I think unmodified car values are on the upswing.

Ian F
Ian F PowerDork
11/21/12 8:50 a.m.

I would equate buying an NSX to buying a Ferrari 308. Both are a bit past their prime, but all out performance is only part of the decision making process.

Another day-dream car would be a used R8 4.2, but after a quick browsing, it seems they're still holding value well at near $100K.

Any car can be "DIY-able " if you're willing to invest in the required tools. Some are easier than others, but in the end it comes down to one's personal level of patience. Most folks consider an E30 easy as pie to wrench on. I'd rather stick hot needles in my eyes. Conversely, I'll rip apart a new MINI or a VW Mk IV with barely a second thought.

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