jh36 Dork
4/30/22 4:39 a.m.

I was reading up on some of the model car builds and looking at Javelin's collection in his profile. 
Every blue moon I get a hankering to recreate my automotive history in scale form. 
I would like them to be matching scale, large enough to capture details and be as close as my memory allows on details. I would like to start building and see how far I get until its game over  

Even with modern google, I've struggled to come close on my list. Where would go?  How would you go about this?  What scale should I pick that gives me the best shot of adding to the collection over time?
The list would include:

1972 MG Midget. The car I learned to drive on at age 10. 
1968 Mustang Coupe. School commuter shared with my sister. 200 ci auto. 
1975 Lancia Beta Coupe. The car I mainly drove in high school. 
1976 Honda cb200. My first bike

1976 Honda CB550k My favorite bike

1964 Triumph TR4. My first resurrection. Pulled out of a field. $100 welded seam ex-racer

1967 MGBGT. Gifted to me by my dad when he got tired of it. 
1970 VW bus. Decrepit, no center seat. It would not die. 
1984 Volvo 240 wagon. Quad headlights. 
1997 Suburban. These last three are chock full of memories with my kids. 
2001 F350 crew cab dually with 8' bed

944 Porsche race car- need two at least but I raced 5 of them. 
Corvette c5

The most challenging would be a tubeframe nascar modified to accept a 1968 Camaro body. With a 1:24 scale Big Wang and homemade splitter  

The impossible would be a 1983 fc35 Wanderlodge  

aGuidance, help, suggestions and encouragement appreciated!



stuart in mn
stuart in mn MegaDork
4/30/22 6:14 a.m.

Doing a google search on "(your car here) scale model" turned up results for a number of the vehicles on your list, although it will probably be difficult to get them all in the same format since some were plastic models that require assembly, while others were diecasts in various scales from HO to 1:18.

jh36 Dork
4/30/22 6:59 a.m.

Thank you...

I would like plastic models, in the same scale that I can build in order to modify them and recreate what I drove. Warts and all. 
When I put that criteria in play, I have struggled. 
I'm hoping the hive has a methodology I can apply. 

ddavidv UltimaDork
4/30/22 7:49 a.m.

Ebay.  I buy most of my kits and models there these days. There really aren't any stores that sell that kind of stuff.

Most of the vehicles on your list were not offered as plastic kits. You can do a search on the web site Scalemates to see what was made.

jh36 Dork
4/30/22 8:52 a.m.
ddavidv said:
Most of the vehicles on your list were not offered as plastic kits. You can do a search on the web site Scalemates to see what was made.

Well, right there might be my problem. Dream partially smashed but maybe Scalemates will help me with a partial.  

Kendall_Jones Dork
4/30/22 10:47 a.m.

3d print them? 

Javelin GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
4/30/22 10:48 a.m.

1/24 is absolutely your best bet and the Camaro might be the easiest to build honestly. 

Check scalemates to see if the base car was made. If not, check stl file sites for a 3D printed version and ebay for custom resin cast ones. 

You will have to do the bikes in a different scale. 

BenB HalfDork
4/30/22 11:05 a.m.

You can build a 1/24 MGB GT using the C1 Models transkit for the Aoshima MGB kits: LINK. I don't know if the Aoshima kits are still in production. You can find them on eBay, but they're not cheap.

Hasegawa recently reissued their 1/24 944 Turbo race car. I ordered mine from HobbySearch in Japan. Shipping is via rowboat, lately. I'm going on 4 weeks and haven't seen it, yet. Before Covid it was three weeks. My local hobby shop has one for about twice what I paid HobbySearch. 

You can probably find a 68 Mustang but it will be 1/25 scale.

Hasegawa makes a 1/24 Microbus. Available on Amazon. Also sold by Revell.

Airfix made a TR4 but it was 1/32. 

SkinnyG (Forum Supporter)
SkinnyG (Forum Supporter) PowerDork
4/30/22 11:59 a.m.

I bought a 1:24 Monogram '60 C10 fleetside and a 1:24 Revell '65 C10 stepside so I could recreate my '61 Stepside.

Gave the '65 fleetside to my son to build....

jh36 Dork
4/30/22 5:10 p.m.
Javelin said:

1/24 is absolutely your best bet and the Camaro might be the easiest to build honestly. 

I was wondering that.  I would need a tube frame stock car from the early 2000's and modify it like I did my actual car. That might be the easiest to find and the most fun too. 
My 944's were all early NA's and I would want to mod the engine bays and suspensions to match my reality. 
I appreciate all the info. I will see what I can find. I'm thinking I could hunt parts during the season and build models in the winter. 

Rons GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/30/22 7:59 p.m.

One could show super mad fabricating skills and make a tube frame out of tiny tubes, or buy doweling at the building supply and steam bend the wood into elements of the chassis and cage.

Snowdoggie (Forum Supporter)
Snowdoggie (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
4/30/22 8:15 p.m.

Hobby Lobby sells model kits, paints, glue and everything else. There is also a local chain here called Hobby Town that has a larger selection of model kits, paints, tools, r/c cars, slot cars and so on, but they may be just here in Texas. Auto World has an online store. There are others. Amazon sells kits. E-bay sells everything but it isn't cheap. Lots of Japanese stores on e-bay.

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