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lrrs HalfDork
11/28/18 6:52 p.m.

More fuel for the fire ?

I have been stimulating the economy this past week, dryer, washer, security cameras.... did you see the stock market today, yea that was me....

Anyway, I was on you tube and a couple of vids popped up on these things, and they are cheap, and diesel is cheaper than Kerosene. Looks like a do it yourself install would be an hour or 2.


I currently have 2 wick type kero heaters, but you have an open flame and it gets smelly, and kero is about 5 bucks a gallon around here(from the pump, the store bout stuff is outrageous) or so it was last year, diesel about 3.15. My wick heaters are 10000 btu and 15000 btu. I fire both up to help it get up to temp before freezing my extremities. It takes about 2 hours to get from 30 to 50 in the garage. Then I kill the 15000 to maintain the temp at about the 50 with the outside temp in the 20 to 30 range.  

From what I read 5KW is about 16000 btu, does any one think these can put out that many BTU ? 


Edit: I pulled the trigger on this.  Its installed but has not been put to a real test yet, it was about 40 outside, 40 inside, and it took about 1 hour go get 7 degree rise in my poorly insulated garage wit a car, 2 motorcycles, and way to much other crap to swallow the heat. About the same as my 2 wick type kero heaters. Faster than the wood stove. No ducting set up that day. Yesterday I put a return duct to pull cold air from just above floor height. 

It will be nice to turn it on and not worry about it while it runs for a couple hours before I head out to work and not have to worry about it while wrenching.  

Garagedoor New Reader
3/25/19 6:56 a.m.


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