JG Pasterjak
JG Pasterjak Production/Art Director
6/19/23 8:45 a.m.

Two questions we hear all the time: 

“How do I get faster?” 

“How do I get better?”

They’re good questions, even if they’re more different than they might seem at first. Any hobby you engage in–particularly one that requires the commitment and focus of motorsport–is going to have its own siren song of improvement. After all, motorsport is a metric-rich …

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gerardwon New Reader
12/9/23 11:39 a.m.

Great article. 

If I might add a few things that truly matter...

* Fitness Training:  Strength and Cardio.  40 Consecutive Push-ups is a good baseline.  Grip strength is also vital--and its something you can work on improving anytime.  Core strength is another must too--can you hold a 3 minute plank?  Running up multiple flights of stairs is brutal but priceless--can you run up 6 stories of stairs?  When you get tired you get brain fade.   

 * Work on Your Balance:  I prefer riding a road bike.  This has multiple benefits as its easy to put yourself in situations that require quick decision time.  Can you come to a complete stop and keep your balance for a while being completely winded?  Driving on the limit requires an acute sense of balance. 

* Data logging is awesome: Your body might be doing things without even letting you know.  I was stunned to learn my foot was coming off the throttle a bit in a flat-out 3rd gear corner without even telling me!  The solution was the push down on that loud pedal so hard my foot hurt through my racing boot.  




codrus (Forum Supporter)
codrus (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
12/9/23 11:59 a.m.

Another piece of tech that helps a ton when you're working with a coach is an in-car radio.  I find that brainpower is a precious resource when pushing out on the track and it's difficult just to remember all of my specific goals when I'm driving.  Having a radio means I can offload that mental work, my coach will bring his notes to a good spot for observing the track and can remind me of the things we'd been discussing at the appropriate time.



gerardwon New Reader
12/9/23 5:51 p.m.

In reply to codrus (Forum Supporter) :

Great tip!

BTW:  I literally do Not remember my first Formula Ford race. Well I remember the formation lap and the checkered flag. And that is it!

I suspect its from too much adrenaline. It took a lot of seat time before I could visualize (aka Bench Race) my circuit driving.  Eventually I was able to remember what I was thinking before my transitions--and the goal  is not to be thinking anything.

I had a Sports Psychologist who specialized with racing drivers who told me to remember this when I drove: "You are an observer."  

pinchvalve (Forum Supporter)
pinchvalve (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
4/1/24 9:18 a.m.

I recently came across a video of a person in essentially the same car as mine beating my PB on the local track by 4 seconds. It was so interesting to compare lap videos to see where they were faster than me. Bottom line, they carried more speed through every corner.  So I don't know if I can use that info to go faster, I am about at the limits of my bravery already, but it was very cool to see. 

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