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Matt B
Matt B SuperDork
12/16/13 4:25 p.m.

There is much WANT from this particular camp for such a vehicle.

Nice find and congrats.

SEADave Reader
12/16/13 5:42 p.m.

Thanks. Gen 1 CTS-V just moved up a couple of positions on my "potential next car" list.

poopshovel MegaDork
12/16/13 8:00 p.m.

Thanks for all the kind words, dudes. Cheaper than a new Honda Fit, and so far with way less hassle!

Also: Rode in the rental V2 last weekend. Didn't drive as I'd had a couple-few barley pops. Stupid berkeleying fast, but at less than half the price, I think the V1 is a way better value right now. Interior is nicer, more "modern," but I spent almost a half-hour trying to adjust the Recaro to a comfy spot. They are more attractive, IMO, and there's obviously the matter of an extra 156HP and beautiful SC noises, but not an extra $20k+ worth, IMO. Fit & finish on the exterior is HORRIBLE! Front to rear door alignment was WAY off. I looked at it and said "E36 M3. Looks like this thing's been hit!" but the driver's side was just as bad...in the OPPOSITE direction, and no other signs of a wreck.

Good news: It saw 120mph at AMP.

jde Reader
12/17/13 8:41 a.m.
HiTempguy wrote: You should go find some snow and report back how the V handles it ;) Color me jelly!

Drove my '04 through snow yesterday with an empty trunk and fairly new Pilot Sport A/S3's.

Double-clutching the TC button ("Competitive Driving Mode") appears to kill TC and raise the threshold for the stability control.

Pretty hairy with TC off on snow-covered streets, looking at the throttle had it slewing on the crown.

With TC on, no drama when I just wanted to drive through a variety of snow and slush on 4-lanes.

Did a nice 180 to get the RH side to face a gas pump. The old fart at the next island glared disapprovingly. Perhaps he was expecting a brotastic flatbiller to hop out instead of a graying manchild hopping out of his midlife crisis-mobile. ;-)

Congrats, poop, have put almost 30K on mine, and still love it!

poopshovel MegaDork
12/17/13 11:05 a.m.

In reply to jde:

Good to know! Fortunately we only get snow once or twice a year up here, and mama doesn't drive in it. For the time being, I've still got a beater integra or mazda5 to pick from.

Out & about, I'm still amazed people

  1. Know what the car is and

  2. Are impressed.

There were 7 guys at the tire shop standing around the thing with half-chubs.


Flight Service
Flight Service MegaDork
12/17/13 11:07 a.m.

That is the most bizzarre Clubman I have ever seen!

Congrats on the new Caddy.

poopshovel MegaDork
1/1/14 7:43 p.m.

Finally got my freaking tag...after a bunch of shenanigans, including the $900 "SURPRISE!" ad valorem tax from the state of GA (They changed the laws recently.)

Anyway, I LOVE THIS berkeleyING CAR! So nice to hop into an unassuming heated leather 400HP couch for the 80-mile/day commute.

I'd like to upgrade the motor mounts and shifter in the near future, but until then, it's a berkeleying blast to drive.

Got one of two headlights looking way better this weekend with the 3M restoration kit, but thinking I should've bought the drill-attachment kit instead of the hand-powered one. They were in really rough shape.

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