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tjbell Reader
4/21/15 3:24 p.m.
Rupert wrote: I have a buddy whose Camaro was listed for $15,000. A guy from Michigan said he was coming down with a trailer if my buddy would take less. So my buddy called and laughingly told me he'd take $14,950 if the guy showed up. I advised him to quickly call the guy back with the "lowered price" lest he get shot when the guy arrived.

That could have ended badly

wbjones MegaDork
4/21/15 6:23 p.m.
Rupert wrote:
Spoolpigeon wrote: Attention customers: The size of the part generally has no bearing on the price. Quit making assumptions that since a part is small that it won't cost more than $20. Ugh.
I remember when I bought my first 240Z new. Everyone I worked with was shocked that it cost $3,500 with A/C. The common response was "You could have bought a new Chevy (or Ford) for that price and it's a much bigger car!" I tried using the price per pound analogy comparing hamburger to steak. That usually went right over their heads.

LOL .. your answer should have been "but then I'd have been stuck with Chevy or Ford"

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