Story by Johan Dillen

You expect stripes, but there aren’t any. You expect exclusivity, but you don’t detect that, either. But for some time, this unassuming creation was the fastest wagon available on the market. Full stop. 

Ohne is the German word for without. It appears a few times on the order form of this 1994 Alpina B10 4.6 Touring: ohne decorative stripes, ohne badges on the tailgate, ohne the Alpina name tag. 

As sleepers go, this one very much sets the standard. If you saw it parked on the street, you’d walk straight past it. But then, out of the corner of your eye, you’d notice how the wheels were protruding a bit more than you’d expect from a standard 535i. 

Yes, it has the Alpina wheels, but you’ve seen those on a 525i as well, haven’t you? But then, at the front, the spoiler takes away your last doubts. Wait a minute, there is something going on here, isn’t there? 

There sure is. If you purchased this car in 1994, you had just bought the fastest wagon on the market—a privilege only 19 people got to enjoy. And this owner did everything he could to outwardly conceal that fact.

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