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dreadscott New Reader
5/13/22 7:26 a.m.
Pete. (l33t FS) said:

i was told that EFI injectors would rust the pintles to the body if exposed to water.  Hm..

Some injectors have stainless steel internals. They won't rust. The more universal problem is the pressure that's used in a WMI system. EFI runs at 43.5psi or so. WMI is done at 200psi+. Typical injectors (regardless of materials used inside) cannot open and close fast enough to be accurate metering devices. But, then again now there's this...

USRT fast solenoids for water methanol injection


These bits feature huge coils, are hardened for pressure, and are built from stainless steel. They can accept pure water, pure methanol (and ethanol), or any blend in between. Look closely and you'll see that there are two variants shown. The parts on top have 4AN threads. On bottom, you see the 1/8 NPT variant.
USRT water methanol fast solenoids for direct port injection

And, here's a valve with a 3-port distribution manifold.  Most setups these days use a single valve for every TWO cylinders. But, this works well. -with the same level of control (but over a somewhat narrowed RPM range).

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