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Apexcarver SuperDork
10/7/08 8:23 p.m.

im trying to figure out how much time difference there would be in a tire upgrade for me...

Currently running 5 year old SHOT Victoracers. (i do formulaV them) if i can reduce my times by 2-2.5 seconds im in range of a top 5 PAX (out of 85-90 entrants) this is on a 55 second-ish course

now.. how much time reduction would occur with a fresh set of V710's ?

this is on a ESP Mustang (1997 cobra, H&R race springs, Koni SA's, 35mm front bar, urethane front bushings, CCplates, tire size is 275/40/17) weight is about 3400lbs to 3200lbs (gotta find some scales)

my current list after tires is subframes (mostly for chassis preseveration) and a panhard. perhaps rear lower control arms.

i found that moving to ESP made me alot more competitive then trying to run in STX. I just dont think a mustang is a good platform for that class.

you basically end up finding where the car tends to be most competitive and building for that class. thinking too far outside the box dosent really work all that well unless your in prepared or mod.

I could have gone back to F stock, but the car had upgrades when i bought it and i would have had to do downgrades. so, ESP was the logical choice (and the car has more potentional there anyways)

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