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KyAllroad (Jeremy) (Forum Supporter)
KyAllroad (Jeremy) (Forum Supporter) UltimaDork
4/5/21 9:29 a.m.

I went with an enclosed trailer.  After much deliberation the added benefits outweighed the negatives.  It's a portable garage space so the race car can live in it all winter.  It's a rough camper if I stay at the track.  It's a moving van when the semi-adult children decide it's time to move apartment (again).  It secures my car so I can park it without wondering if someone will mess with it.

Enclosed is heavier but not terrible.  And it's a big box, but a smoother shape than a car on a deck so aero doesn't seem as bad as one might think.

chandler UltimaDork
4/5/21 10:12 a.m.

Looks like that Econo trailer is 3500 now, there is a company in Toledo manufacturing them at about 2800 called AMO. Looks pretty quality and my neighbor has one they built and it has held up pretty well.


edit: I don't want an enclosed, I don't really race anymore and if I autocross it's home that night. I have a barn to store things in.

californiamilleghia SuperDork
4/5/21 12:07 p.m.

are you only going to use this to haul a car ?

or is it a utility trailer too ?

add lots of tie down places and maybe think about removeable stake bed sides

I had a hand crank winch on mine which really helped  when I did not bring my electric winch because the car to be picked up was a "runner" ( it was not ! ) , extra come-a-longs help too :)

chandler UltimaDork
4/5/21 12:28 p.m.

Yes, one trailer to rule them all! It'll be used for scrap runs, car transport, lawn tractor relocation, yard work, etc...

chandler UltimaDork
4/28/21 10:18 a.m.

After all the cheap skates in this thread told me to keep using my FIL's trailer I listened and passed on both of the trailers I was looking through at. Free is better, thanks

my barn is 30x60 and that is almost to the wall.

thashane GRM+ Memberand New Reader
4/28/21 10:41 a.m.

I got this 20' (2' dove) trailer as a "gift" from my father, who got it from his brother. I think the reg says it's from 91' Beachcomber of Las Vegas. I have affectionately named it my "1000 hour" trailer, since the only thing I haven't replaced/repaired so far is the decking. However, it is light for two 5.2k axles, and it was super simple to convert the non-brake axle, to a brake axle. I would've been time ahead, for about 50% more if I just bought a trailer. But atleast I know the wiring isn't mickey mouse with those crimp on splice connectors, and I'm less worried about someone stealing it. The fenders are not conducive to hauling the Mini, Mike and I had to push it by hand to get it into place, and to unload it, I had to crawl in through the barn doors. I think next time, instead of welding on D-rings, I would add more stake pockets, and then a rub rail over them. This is my second position for the spare tire, and it bugs me that it makes it hard to see the drivers side tires, maybe I just need to pull out my mirrors some more...

I can see how your FIL trailer sits a little higher, and it's base weight is likely higher. I've heard of people using the aluminum ebay ramps with good success. I would think a 7k tandem axle would be a good car hauler. Ive always wanted one of those aluminum car-haulers that U-Haul rents, but I dont think i've ever seen an AL one for sale.

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