FieroReinke New Reader
1/31/22 2:52 p.m.

My local British Sports car club, GOBMC, is looking for an MG or other LBC to donate to a local tech school.  The plan is to have the kids going through the 2022/2023 program work on it and then at the end of the school year in spring 2023 raffle it off to the kids that worked on it.  Some sort of MG would be ideal as we have quite a few in the club and parts will be easier / cheaper to source.   We are trying to keep the intitial purchase under $1k but also don't want a complete basket case.  We need the kids to be able to get it in decent shape and drivable within a school year.  Any tips on cars around Southwest Missouri would be appreciated.   We want to purchase soon so the club members can have time to go through the car a little in advance and source the necessary parts and pieces the kids will need.   Anyone have an MG project they need to unload?   Might even be a tax deduction.  

Hopefully this will get some of the local kids interested in LBCs.  

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