golfduke Reader
9/19/16 10:48 a.m.

I know this is a super-duper long shot, but I'm looking to get some seat time on a Lemons team to get my feet wet before deciding if I want to build a car up for it. All of my friends are established teams and no seats available, but I am familiar with the event and have been several times as a garage monkey doing whatever is needed to help buddies out.

I'm not the fastest, but far from the slowest. I can provide references if needed that will swear I'm not an incompetent knucklehead on the racetrack. I have all of the gear. I'm <30 minutes from the track with a garage, tools, spare beds, etc if that would sweeten the deal. I have wheel to wheel racing experience, although it is relatively limited in seat-time.

I would be happy to get into a pay-to-play arrangement if people are looking. I'd be happy to put my time in wrenching and part of crew if it'll get me a chance at seat time in future events as well... Basically I want to be at the race in a more important term than 'spectator, cooler filler, and beer drinker'. I'm respectful on equipment and am house-trained.

If anyone has any connections or questions, fire away and I'd love to help out.


Klayfish UberDork
9/19/16 11:20 a.m.

Post all that info at the following spot and I'll bet you'll find yourself a seat... though being house trained may disqualify you from many teams.

LeMons forum

Just a word of warning, you're about to pick up a crack pipe that you won't be able to put down. Just ran the race at CMP this past weekend. It was my 16th or 17th LeMons race, I'm hopelessly addicted.

golfduke Reader
9/19/16 11:50 a.m.

done and done, thanks for the link.

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