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8/10/18 11:00 a.m.

This article is now five years old, so some of the pricing is a tad, well, optimistic for today's market. But the information is still good, so don't get too angry at what a nice M3 used to be worth. Note that some of eBay's features have since changed, too.-Editor

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Story by Alan Cesar • Photos as Credited

We all shop for cars on eBay Motors. You do, too. It’s not always an alcohol-fueled, late-night search fest that ends in rusty Alfa Romeo mistakes. Sometimes we’re motivated by simple curiosity, fantasy, or just the desire to see what our own cars might sell for. That’s likely the reason its share of automotive minutes online is No. 1 at more than 10 percent.

In order for these searches to have such satisfying results, there has to be someone on the other end: a person selling a car that we can drool over. What if that person doing the selling were you? Thirty percent of all the time spent shopping cars on the Internet is spent on eBay. That’s a lot of potential buyers looking at your car.

But selling a car on eBay can be intimidating. It’s certainly a world full of open questions to the uninitiated: Are the fees egregious? Will I get screwed if only three people bid on my car? How do I make the most of my ad?

We decided to find out by putting our money down: Our 1990 BMW M3–yes, the venerable E30 homologation special–needed to leave our hands so we could free up some cash.

EBay would show us what the market could bear, and along the way we’d learn how to properly list a car so that it attracted as many eyeballs as possible. We talked to representatives from eBay Motors, attended one of their seminars, and helped two of our $2013 Challenge entrants list their own rides for sale.

Do you want to replicate these success stories? Follow this guide and you’ll make the most of the machines that are currently cluttering up your carport. There are three basic parts to an ad: the photos, the story and the marketing. If you can focus your efforts on making a good ad that hits hard on all of these points, you’ll do well on eBay.

With a little luck and a little work, you may be a bit richer and your space less a mess in fewer than 10 days.

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