pk386 New Reader
9/2/12 8:01 p.m.

Hey all,

I'm trying to help a buddy get his daily driver '98 Mazda 626 up and going again after a headgasket failure.

Long story short he had a mechanic tear it down, Heads reworked, and had the Heads bolted on. His mechanic got bad sick and couldn't finish the job (He's still sick but slowly getting better).

This is where I come in.

I have the motor 95% figured out EXCEPT FOR the Second Crankshaft (camshaft) position sensor. I cannot find where it's supposed to go and manuals and google have failed me because every one shows the 97 and below where this sensor is in the distributor.

Can some one find or take a picture of it's location?

I found where it plugs in the harness and I suspect that its behind the cam gear on the rear head.

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