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fanfoy Dork
2/7/17 10:10 a.m.

I have a 2012 manual transmission sport model that I bought new. Now with 75000 milles on it. Here are my experience with mine:

  • Had trouble with the radio. Third radio in it now since 40K and it seems to be good. Apparently there was a bad batch of radios in 2012

  • The driver seat bolsters are trashed but I'm a big guy. The mudflaps are too easy to rip out. The paint is very easy to chip. Everything is a little flimsy, but then it's an economy car.

  • No mechanical problems to speak of. The suspension still feels tight. And we have HORRIBLE roads here. So 2nd gen seems better in this respect.

  • Great shifter, but horrible clutch action. This seems to be a general modern car thing.

  • I was expecting much better gas mileage, especially on the highway.

  • Think of them as 4+2 seaters and not as true 6 seaters. If you are US-sized that is.

akylekoz Reader
2/7/17 11:21 a.m.

Last week my old reliable chevy van decided not to start for my costco furniture run.

After about 30 seconds of deliberation I decided to fold down the seats in the 5 and take it. The guy with the big orange cart full of boxes was impressed when it swallowed an ottoman hide-a-bed, full set of kitchen dishes and my normal cart full of stuff.

I did notice that the front shock are shot with that much weight in it. At 138k one leaked all of its fluid out. Over all I can't wait for it to get retired to my winter car when SHMBO is done with it.

Javelin GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
2/7/17 11:58 a.m.

What you guys really want is the master Mazda5 thread.

I am on my second Mazda5. The first was a 2006 Sport 5-Speed that got totaled by a red light runner in 2014. I had it for 3 years and put almost 40K miles on it and road tripped it from WA to CA and generally drove the snot out of it. I even autocrossed it once. The passenger slider door lock had to be replaced and I had to do the updated valve cover gasket on it on the 90K tune up when I did the plugs. I did tires when I bought it and brakes at 90K and that was it besides oil and filter changes. It was a fantastic car and gave great mileage for it's size and versatility. I hauled 2x12x10' lumber in it, a captain's bed, multiple wheel/tire sets, and 6 people on occasion.

After the 2 year hell ride that was my Saturn Vue I immediately bought another Mazda5, this time a 2010 Touring automatic. I've had it just over a year and 15K miles and it's been fantastic. It has so far needed nothing but 2 oil and filter changes and an alignment and tire balancing. I'm creeping up on the 90K mark and I am looking forward to servicing everything and doing some upgrades again (StopTech Street brake kit, Koni's). This one has hauled 4 kids in car seats with 2 adults to the coast for a road trip, hauled 4 adults and 2 car seats with no sweat, and helped me move by carrying the toolbox and tons of other trips, oh and another captain's bed. It really is the most versatile car I've ever had (and that's saying something, you guys know how many I've owned ).

Is it the best? No. Is there stuff I'd change? Sure. Is there a better value for the money for a small family? Nope, not by a long shot. If this one got whacked today, I'd buy another Mazda5 tomorrow, no question.

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