vortexblue New Reader
3/21/13 1:37 p.m.

I took apart my 90 Miata for the off-season to do some swapping/ upgrades:

94 subframes with braces 949 Xida CS coilovers (700/400) poly bushings hollow 1.125" front sway mazdaspeed rear sway etc, etc.

Now that everything is getting buttoned up, I need to start setting this thing up. Any suggestions on the best path? I'm still on the fence of doing my own alignment or having someone else do it this time - I can't seem to pin anyone in NJ down who I'd trust.

disconnect swaybars set ride height corner balance set rear toe, thrust, front toe set caster front and rear set camber front and rear reconnect sways

I'll be using the race specs from 949's site: http://949racing.com/miata-race-alignment-info.aspx


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