7/17/16 12:04 p.m.

Long time lurker/GRM reader here.

For the last couple autox events, I have been hearing a loud pop/clunk originating from the front end of my NA miata on hard corners. So, I started doing some investigating.

I started by marking my control arm eccentric bolts, and am 100% confident they're not shifting after a couple of events (marked them with paint).

I then looked at the sway bar endlinks. It looks like my swaybar is almost in direct contact with the brake line mount on the front upper control arm (very little clearance). A couple of hard turns in a parking lot reproduced the noise results and sounds like the swaybar is contacting the arm and shifting laterally in the mounts.

Long story short, I have ordered new end links that can be adjusted shorter than the stock end links. I'm not going to drive the car until they're installed. However, my question is has anyone had this similar experience and seen any other damage from this problem? Such as a bent control arm or subframe? The lip on the control arm immediately above the swaybar does appear to have a very slight bend to it, but I might just be paranoid. Also, no paint is removed/cracked from the control arm in that spot. It might even be the normal appearance for all I know.

I'm just wondering what else I should look at. Thanks for the input!

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