ww SuperDork
10/11/09 11:36 p.m.

Are you tired of seeing all those EuroTrash/Domestic turds bringing home the bacon?!

We have the answer!

We need one more driver with SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMWCCA, HPDE/S instructing or similar wheel to wheel racing experience to make our 4 driver minimum. The economy has hit some of our original team mates harder than expected.

We're a veteran team with a sorted car (well, as sorted as one can be in this crazy thing) and a record of successfully reaching the checkered flag!

We're running a 1983 Datsun 280ZX with a Z enthusiast who's also a 20 year Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti master mechanic, a regional Kart champion an HPDE/S instructor with SCCA road race experience and support from Z Car Garage in San Jose and we're looking for a local and experienced driver with a good resume to join the team for an equal share of the cost with maximum seat time.

We need to buy new tires and paint for this event, so that will be an added cost to what is otherwise a "finished" car.

Our build blog is available here:


This will be our 6th time participating, 5th time competing and the 3rd event for this car.

This is a strong safe team. No corners are cut, we run with FAR more and sophisticated safety equipment than what the rules require. We currently have 2 additional non-driving pit crew and expect to have another before the event to help with the preparation, setup, re-fueling, driver changes, tear down, beer drinking, bbq consuming, etc.

We finished a strong 17th at Buttonwillow in August. We have a quality pit to car communication system, a working cool suit installation, full data acquisition capability and two 36 oz GatorAid bottle dispensers built into the cooler!

Our only mechanical malfunction at the Buttonwillow event was a failed water pump belt that was easily replaced in the pits in a matter of minutes (Yes! we brought spares!). Otherwise, the car was dead nuts reliable, makes strong power and is extremely predictable. The only mechanical failure at the THill 2008 event was a failed water bypass hose to the TB that was a 15 minute fix once an awesome pit neighbor donated a new hose so we could easily get back out and finish the race. (That bypass hose has since been eliminated.)

We're looking for one good driver to join our team... and it could be you!

PM and let me know if you're interested and what your experience is!

Cheers, LWW

P.S. We're based out of San Ramon, CA and have access to professional and semi-professional facilities in both the East and South Bay. The car is sitting on the lift in my garage getting a new alignment as I type this.

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