David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
5/28/05 12:19 p.m.

We now have a lifetime supply of inner fender liner hardware. While we didn't score any major pieces at the pick-n-pull this morning, we did come home with a pocket full of hardware, including the fasteners used to secure the inner fender liners and the cowl molding.

When looking for hardware, don't forget that the factory probably used the same stuff for other models. For example, some of today's score came from an Integra and an Accord in addition to other Civics.

What are those weird U-shaped pieces for? Those are the factory clips for a Civic EX coupe front spoiler. We're thinking one would look good on our car--not too much bling, and since it's a Honda O.E. piece we know it will fit as intended. While the EX coupe we found in the yard today was missing its front spoiler, most of the hardware was still attached to the (crushed) front bumper. (When we asked how much for all the bits, the reply was "have a nice day.")

On an unrelated note, the Volusia County Sheriff's office is cracking down on speeders out in front of Speedway Pull and Save Auto Parts. If you're heading there for some parts of your own, watch your speed. (And no, we didn't get a ticket.)

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