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fasted58 Reader
5/26/11 11:58 p.m.

Vigo Dork
5/27/11 12:34 p.m.
So, as you can clearly see, modern shifters are not all sunshine-and-gravy easy like you claimed, and even a non-derpping person can struggle with them. You still totally ignored the fact that many shifters are 100% electronic and will not shift the transmission into neutral, even if you do get it right. So please step off of your horse and join the rest of us in sensible-land.

Hope you had fun there. You have successfully proven that once people who are too stupid to operate their brakes have ruined them, they may also fail at other, less important tasks (go to neutral) that also require them to not be stupid. Bottom line? I would not die in any of those cars, because i know how to use BRAKES and i dont FREAK THE berkeley OUT when cars do something they're not designed to do. SOME of this comes from being a tech, but MOST of it comes from not living my life under the assumption that i will never have to know anything to get myself out of a dangerous situation. I learn how my E36 M3 works. Hell, i learn how other people's E36 M3 work. And i am NOT DEAD.

Even then, I actually flipped a cj-7 going 30mph straight ahead in a neighborhood because of shifter/trans issues (misadjusted). I was pissed as hell. It made me look bad. The bottom line is that i MIGHT have saved the owner from getting killed himself by finding that problem with my OWN life. I remember the feeling of waiting for a tree stump or a fire hydrent to come through the soft top and kill me. Luckily i missed the stumps and caught the hydrent somewhere other than in the face. I still dont think manufacturers should have to standardize their crap to make up for the failings of driver training and driver forethought to figure out how E36 M3 they own works, and that's AFTER my life's been in danger from shifter problems.

If the driver is inadequate to the vehicle they MAY die in it. That does not mean we should build vehicles to the lowest common denominator driver. We SHOULD require that people who get driver's licenses are encouraged to know a MODICUM about how to operate their own vehicles before sending them out to kill us.

novaderrik Dork
5/27/11 3:52 p.m.

you proved that you are too stupid to keep a slow moving CJ-7 from flipping over because of a shifter problem.. and you are an expert in cars and stuff.. that does not bode well for the general public that sees cars as an appliance that takes them from here to there.

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