aeronca65t New Reader
7/8/08 6:11 a.m.

I posted this on the Classic Forum, but I'll remind all here as well:

The PVGP starts next week. I'll be at the BeaveRun Historic Races with #909 Spridget.


Weekend July 11-13 Historic Races at BeaveRun race track

Monday July 14 Walnut Street Car Show

Tuesday July 15 Car Cruise at Waterfront

Weekend July 19-20 Schenley Park street races (in the city of Pittsburgh).

~More Info~

~SHORT VIDEO~ of Stefan Vapaa's excellent 2007 run through Schenely Park.

pinchvalve GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
7/8/08 11:02 a.m.

This event is really not to be missed, and as always, I will be out of town. (&^$#&!&$*^@%)

Don't forget that on the 19th is British Car Days, when the whole of Schenly park is filled with every marque you can think of. They also have a lot of local clubs turn out like Corvettes, Mustangs and even exotics. This year the featured marque is "All Italian Cars" so you know there will be some awesome Ferraris and a few crappy Fiats. (And we love them both)

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