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untchabl New Reader
9/10/16 9:12 p.m.

2002 Chevy Suburban K2500 8.1L - tow rig

1999 Jeep Cherokee 2wd 2dr - street cruiser

1992 Jeep Cherokee - chopped up & tubed out rock crawler

1990 Chevy C1500 - current DD

1999 Chevy Tracker - soon to be DD

2000 Mazda Protege - girlfriend's DD

1998 Jeep Cherokee - soon to be girlfriend's winter DD

1996 Jeep Cherokee - girlfriend's offroad beater

Wall-e MegaDork
9/11/16 12:42 a.m.

My DD, A 2014 Buick Verano. Easily the nicest thing I've ever owned.

Joy the Fiat. The Wife's beloved car. It's cute as a button and has been as reliable as gravity in spite of everything I'd ever heard about Fiats

My 86 Monte Carlo being rolled into it's final resting place. It was my first car and about 15 years ago I started taking it apart to fix all the things a teenage driver does to a first car. That's as far as it got and now I keep things piled in front of it so it can't see me but I'm sure it knows it will never see daylight in my lifetime.

I don't own this fleet but I spend far too much time with them to pay for the first two.

thestig99 HalfDork
9/11/16 8:10 a.m.

1996 Miata:

2002 WRX:

1998? Kona Caldera

dansxr2 Dork
9/11/16 9:33 a.m.

1991 MR2 Turbo #0000075 & My 1989 Ford Probe GT

 photo IMG_20160816_190229226_zpshntlvvch.jpg 1992 Mazda MX-3(F2T Swapped) $20XX Challenger.  photo GreatMazda_zpsgvls0lii.jpg

shelbyz Reader
9/14/16 2:19 p.m.

In reply to dansxr2:

Thanks. Your post just made me go to CL searching for an F2T car... An activity that I'm not supposed to do unsupervised because of this threads very subject...

My fleet in order from newest to oldest:

-2008 Honda Fit Sport 5speed - My usual DD/road trip car. Sitting because it's damp/moldy from rain waiter getting in through a leak I can't seem to pinpoint...

-2008 Jeep Patriot Limited 4WD - SWMBO's previous DD. Currently taking up precious garage space while I replace a laundry list of suspension and brake parts and figure out why the stupid OBD2 port doesn't work... THEN IT HAS TO GO. I berkeleyING HATE THIS THING.

-2006 Chevy Cobalt SS/SC G85 - Non running project. Couldn't resist getting it for a Challenge price because a rod got confused and exited through the oil pan... Could be made road worthy for well under Challenge budget limit... Just waiting for space to open up in the garage to get started on it.

-2002 Ford Escape XLS 3.0 4x4 - SWMBO's current DD/dog hauler/people hauler/road trip vehicle. Older and rustier, but leagues better than the POS Patriot it's hopefully permanently replacing. Perfect evidence as to why Ford didn't need a bail out and Chrysler did...

-1994 Mercury Capri XR2 - Project turned to recent part out. Unfortunate, because it's a very rare, albeit mostly unwanted car. 1 of 366 '94 XR2's, 91 of which came in its Reef Green color. Bought it under the impression that it merely had a blown headgasket. Turns out the motor was also seized. Not worth rebuilding because the car has so much rot in the floors and around the front subframe, which I never intended to fix. Keeping the drivetrain goodies to potentially put into a Festiva down the road.

-1994 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9 A/T RWD regular cab short bed - Recently became another project. Usually its duties are hauling anything that is too big or dirty to put in the Fit or Patroit (or now Escape), a backup vehicle for SWMBO (since she can't drive a stick and before the Escape it was the only other slushbox other than her horribly unreliable Jeep), and my preferred DD when there's absolutely no trace of snow and especially salt. Currently sitting after it developed some trans issues. Will get an upgrade in that and the engine department this winter. Probably the most thanklessly reliable vehicle in the fleet.

-1993 Eagle Talon TSi AWD M/T - Fun car and my current DD. Ironically the most reliable vehicle in the fleet, and second most economical behind only the Fit. Usually sits in the garage until around mid July when I pull it out to get it ready for the DSM Shootout, then I fall in love with it all over again and DD it until get bored with it again sometime before Thanksgiving.

-Around a half dozen Razor scooters that only get used (and abused) at the DSM Shootout

-Dozens of rubber bins filled with DSM parts and a couple filled with IHI VJ/Tbird turbo bits

Recently departed:

-2002 WRX Wagon M/T - Was my DD before the Fit. Miss it already. Stupid reliable and way more fun to drive than the Fit that replaced it. However, Fit wins in fuel economy on my 100% city commute (29-30 on 87 vs 19-21 on 93) and interior room and comfort. That being said, the Subaru definitely won in the keeping the interior dry department... Thought about keeping it as a winter beater, but 14 years in MI were taking its toll, especially on the rear quarters, so I put it up for sale while it still had some value. Easiest car I've ever sold.

1995 Dodge Dakota 5.2 A/T RWD extended cab - Just got hauled off to the scrapyard. Bought it looking like it had been driven through a warzone and making rear end noise. Yanked its healthy 318 and trans to go in my other Dakota.

wspohn HalfDork
9/14/16 3:13 p.m.

1956 MGA with Jamaican body and GM 3.4 1958 MGA Twin Cam race car 1962 MGA Mk 2 coupe 1969 MGC 1969 Lamborghini Islero S 2009 Solstice GXP coupe and just added: 2007 BMW Z4M coupe

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