Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder UltraDork
1/18/05 8:34 p.m.

We didn't get to race this weekend, but we did prep our SE-R for its trip to the paint shop. We got an estimate of $1224 to straighten and paint our SE-R. This is the same paint shop that we recently featured in our "Fresh Paint" article.

We cleaned the SE-R with a scouring pad and degreaser to remove all traces of wax. We then marked every ding with a small piece of masking tape.

At Fact-O-Bake, the car is being prepped for paint. Small amounts of polyester filler are being used to fill in the multitude of door dings.

The dent in the rear corner has also been straightened and filled. A black car is one of the hardest for bodyshops as every little wave is highlighted by the shiny black paint.

We also received our NISMO clutch-type limited slip from Nissan Motorsports and all of the necessary seals and bearings from Greg at Mossy Nissan. We've scheduled the install of these pieces, as well as our "new" clutch for January 31st.

Meanwhile, Our office is looking like a SE-R performance store.

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