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ahaidet New Reader
10/13/11 10:25 a.m.
Ian F wrote:
ahaidet wrote: They just say use SST to seat rear main seal.. I would guess that this tool has some recess that only allows it to press the seal in a certain depth. Why they don't make some "stops" or a lip for the seal to seat on is beyond me.
I think you sort of answered your own question: they use a special tool that inserts the seal at the correct depth, thus negating the need for a stop or lip, which would add to production costs. Asking "but how much could it add???" misses the point, manufacturers look to shave every bit of cost they can from a car. A nickle here... a dollar there... it adds up.

I understand why it was done. But at somepoint I wonder how much it costs either dealers or techs who either don't use the tool or dont have the tool in the long run.. I am not the first (google Subaru rear main seal) and you will find a ton of angry people who have driven it in too far. At the very least make a note of the criticalness of the depth of that seal (ink is cheap). Something omnious sounding like "Rear main seal depth is critical to proper lubrication system function. If seal is not driven to precise depth by SST then you rish oil leaks or oil startvation." Then I know the SST is basically a requirement and not a luxury like some SSTs are. At least I know to pay extra attention to the depth of the seal.

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