PorschesOnTheCheap New Reader
10/19/08 8:01 p.m.

Hello all,

I'm considering a project, which by most accounts is a waste of time. However, since I got both cars for free, I already have a "real Porsche" in the form of an 84 Carrera, I need a winter beater, I value my time investment at nothing and I'm thrifty to a fault...

Car 1: 1987 Porsche 924S, runs good, 60K miles, looks like it was hit by a freight train. Drivetrain was undamaged in the accident but the unibody is clearly beyond economical repair.

Car 2: 1977 Porsche 924. A clean, rust-free and generally good little car that smells like moth balls and is (under)powered by a lowly 90hp Audi engine.

I'm considering gutting the 1987 924S and installing the 4-wheel disc brakes, 5-lug wheels, 150hp (944) engine and 5-speed transmission in the lowly little 77 924.

Has anyone done any part of this conversion? Is it really as much of a bolt-in deal as many publications will have one believe?

Thanks for the advice! If it works out, maybe I can even enter it in the $200X Challenge!

  • Brian
924guy HalfDork
10/19/08 8:22 p.m.

suspension and wheels, yes... fairly easy... im getting ready to do the same thing myself... and have replaced the front suspension already on my 931, havent done the rears, but it doesnt look like a difficult job... engine, more of a project, but not too bad...drop the whole drive train in one piece, lift body off, lower new body on after changing motor mounts, bolt back up...seriously... then all thats left is installing the late model wiring and dme into the early car..hardest part will be the motor mounts, and wiring, maybe shift linkage (4sp and 5sp linkage and shifters are different), everything else should bolt right up, the mc , slave and booster will have to be changed as well, late model is hydraulic, also should bolt right up.... www.924.org, lots of info..

DWNSHFT New Reader
10/19/08 11:53 p.m.

Here's the question:

Can you source a 944 interior and bolt that into a 924? That would be sweet.


fiat22turbo SuperDork
10/20/08 12:37 a.m.

Yep, with quite a bit of work.

924board.org has information on how to do it.

Crossmember/steering is different. The rest of the suspension will swap over, etc.

924guy HalfDork
10/20/08 5:26 a.m.
DWNSHFT wrote: Here's the question: Can you source a 944 interior and bolt that into a 924? That would be sweet. David

rear hatch carpet- power sunroof and manual sunroof models have slightly different hatch carpets , late model left side is shorter to accommodate the hatch motor behind the sidewall carpet. door panels: only different if 944 panels have power windows and early car doesnt , but whole doors will swap no problem, except the wiring would have to be run, OR just pop a hole in the late panels for the manual winders, and plug the window switch holes. manual panels are difficult to find, less weight in the crank window doors. dash - pre 85.5 dash will swap right in, post 85.5 dash is a completely different set up, can be done, but will require allot of work if the ventilation system is to be used (different shaped airboxes, a/c system, ect.) console: pre 85.5 console may work, but does have some differences from the early 924. post 85.5 , see dash. rest should be a direct swap, including seats...

PorschesOnTheCheap New Reader
10/21/08 7:26 p.m.

The first thing I swapped over was the interior. The biggest obstacle for me was the front carpeting - everything else fit perfectly. I am looking for some good crank-window upper door panels...

I'm planning to put the 924S up on the lift this weekend and tear out the drivetrain. Wish me luck!

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