“Sometimes I think I would have enjoyed racing more in the days of the friction damper. Since you couldn’t do anything much to them or with them, I would have spent a lot less time being confused.”
—Carroll Smith

Renowned racing engineer Carroll Smith had trouble understanding shock absorbers, so don’t feel bad if you’re in the same boat. When it comes to a car’s handling, shock absorbers are probably the least understood components in the system.

While their inner workings are hidden from view, their impact on performance can be huge. Fortunately, the basics actually aren’t that hard to grasp. We’ve compiled several fundamentals of shock absorber design and operation that should help explain these engineering marvels.

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Fr3AkAzOiD Reader
2/11/18 7:52 p.m.

Thanks for the informative article, even if it left me more confused then before I read it.   cheeky

singleslammer PowerDork
2/11/18 9:32 p.m.

I will have to read this tomorrow when I have time.

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