Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder SuperDork
10/14/04 4:30 p.m.

With stock class autocrossing behind us, it was time to address the suspension again. The stock ride height is way too high and the spring rates are way too soft from the factory.

We installed the Hotchkis Tuning rear anti-rollbar that we received in the kit with the front one that was already installed. As always with Hotchkis products, installation was straight forward and the quality excellent.

To put more "sport" in the SRT-4's suspension, we used a set of Hotchkis Tuning's sport springs. These lower and stiffen the suspension for more performance oriented handling.

The front has been lowered 1", while the rear was lowered 1.75", which helps do away with the odd factory rake. The look is much more purposeful and the car is noticeably more adept at cornering. Of course, these two modifications, in addition to our Mopar Stage 1 have now placed the SRT-4 in SCCA's Street Modified autocross class, where it is outgunned. Instead, we're going to attend a few track days with the car.

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