JG Pasterjak
JG Pasterjak Production/Art Director
11/28/17 9:40 a.m.

Adding a livery to a competition car usually means a full vinyl wrap. Wraps are actually a cost-effective alternative to a full paint job and can be easily removed at the end of the season.

But even wraps have their downside. Despite the versatility of the initial design, making changes once the wrap is in place is difficult. And although a wrap is more affordable than paint, it’s still not inexpensive.

Most amateur competitors are going to be doing a lot of work with regular die-cut stickers. Most manufacturers will freely supply die-cuts to competitors using their products, or a competent vinyl shop can efficiently produce them.

Side Effects Custom Wraps of Daytona Beach, Florida, helped decorate our Mustang using die-cut logos sourced from digital files that we provided. Rather than cutting the logos out of yellow vinyl, Side Effects Graphics used an industrial printer to print everything onto white vinyl. This allowed us to create some additional visual excitement, like adding a thin black stroke around our logos to set them off a bit.

Side Effects estimated the cost of our complete job at well under $1000, including their professional installation. Installing the vinyl ourselves would have saved us considerably more. While we watched these pros work their magic, we figured we’d pass along some tips for getting the most bang for your buck from cut vinyl graphics.

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