Matrick New Reader
4/22/10 10:13 p.m.

Did anyone catch this years Targa Newfoundland? There was some discussion about tire choice and car set-up. Most of the racers ran dry suspension set-ups with intermediate tires. The 3 time winner, Roy "awesome sauce" Hopkins admitted that he ran dry tires (Toyo RA-1) for the whole race. His car seems to roll much more than the other competitors making me think he runs lower rate springs and smaller sway-bars which is a wet weather set-up. So I believe Roy Hopkins runs dry tires and a wet weather suspension set-up while most of the other competitors run intermediate tires and dry weather set-ups. Targa fans what do you think?

SlickDizzy SuperDork
4/22/10 11:01 p.m.

2009? Uhhhh....

HiTempguy HalfDork
4/22/10 11:28 p.m.
SlickDizzy wrote: 2009? Uhhhh....

Just recently aired on television less than a month ago. Reruns a couple of times on TSN.

For an event like Targa, the correct setup (I would think) would be a slightly softer, more travel type of setup. This would hopefully allow more traction in the wet as well. If anything, I'd say that the other guys setups might have been too stiff (unless they had awd, then there is plenty of traction to be had).

Either way, I still can't get over Stillen's reaction to not being able to win the event... but thats for another thread (oh wait, that thread already happened)!

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