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The Staff of Motorsport Marketing Writer
9/30/20 9:48 a.m.

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Track time is limited, especially on a race weekend. From the moment the hauler lands, the clock is ticking until showtime. There’s a setup to maximize, drivers to ready, and an entire machine to steer toward a common goal.

Team FCP Euro campaigns the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR in the TC America series. Team driver Michael Hurczyn, who also serves as Brand Director for FCP Euro, is the reigning drivers’ champion. Teammate Nate Vincent—also the team’s Director of Motorsports—finished last year in the runner-up spot.

In fact, FCP Euro employees make up the majority of the race effort. In the end, it’s all about taking that knowledge from the track to the customer seeking parts for their European car.

So, how do teams like FCP Euro maximize their time at the track? We asked Vincent.

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