Strike_Zero Dork
6/1/12 3:47 p.m.

And his C4 build, I am trapped in a dilemma. This possible project C4 has popped up for little buy in . . . but I have to get rid of one of my projects to get it. . .

  1. Volvo 780 + LR4 & 4speed (street car)
  2. E36 + 5.0L & T5 (track rat)

At this point, neither are finished. The E36 is the closest in being completed (wiring, driveshaft, exhaust, steering bits left). The Volvo is FAR away from being completed (or even started for that matter)

I could:

  • Sell the E36 as a roller, then sell all the E36 M3 suspension and bits and move the 5.0L over to the Volvo. Get the Vette and move the LR4 & 4 speed to it. The Vette would become the track rat.
  • Keep all my crap and forget about the Vette.

What say ye?

Bobzilla SuperDork
6/1/12 3:58 p.m.

How much of a masochist are you? Do you like to bleed every time you work on your car? Do you like old things? Does the thought of fiberglass scratching you every time you work on it sound appealing?

Unless you answere "Yes" to all of those, keep what you got. lol I love my C4, and it's a great project for people looking for a project to keep them busy. But it's also a real PITA because EVERYTHING is a PITA to work on. But the opportunity to have an actual Sports Car is worth it.

clutchsmoke Reader
6/1/12 4:36 p.m.

This is just my bias, but I'm not a huge fan of the C4. I'd much rather have those two interesting project cars (V8 Volvo and V8 E36) than the Volvo and the C4. I say keep all your (NOT) crap and forget the Vette.

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