jdbuilder Reader
9/24/13 5:17 p.m.

I have a 1987 Buick Grand National that I need a collective decision on.

Its currently not running (2 years) Its a dream car / the ultimate G Body. Im in love, but it just doesn't seem it wants to be with me. Yes Im taking it personally and am about to break up with her.

I have put some time into her. new fuel pump new transmission (upgraded with Alto widebands) new injectors removed rust and replaced with fresh metal remote start upgraded cooling system (f rad, fans. 160 thermo) converted powermaster brakes to vac 48lb injectors with chip to match * por 15 underside

I was restoring her to be a Driver and doing everything to make this an awesome driver.

Then the ju ju started. I got engaged and she got jealous. First and electrical gremlin. To this day still don't know what it is. Then the new ignition switch goes, luckily I have remote start and circumvented that. Then the starter goes out. Then a branch falls on it and cracks the windshield. Then a squirrel makes a home on the intake snacking on my fuel injector wires.

Just sort of getting there with her. What say ye?

Ranger50 PowerDork
9/24/13 5:24 p.m.

Where do I have to be with my trailer?

Cone_Junky Dork
9/24/13 5:24 p.m.

That's one of the few domestic vehicles I lust after. So I can only vote to tough it out and keep it.

oldeskewltoy Dork
9/24/13 5:27 p.m.

maybe it doesn't want to be just a driver.... maybe she wants more

ransom UberDork
9/24/13 5:41 p.m.

That stuff happens to cars.

If you're thinking of changing cars, you won't escape it.

If you're thinking of switching to stamp collecting, I don't know what to tell you, but they probably lose value if you lick them.

HappyAndy SuperDork
9/24/13 5:43 p.m.

Its entirely possible that the remote start is the root of the electrical gremlin. I would never install one that wasn't a factory OEM unit.

I can totally feel your pain. My SAAB c900 turbo is increasingly spending more time broken than running. When it does run its fantastic, then without fail the next time I go to drive it, I can't .

ncjay HalfDork
9/24/13 5:45 p.m.

Do not give up. It seems like most of the cars that wind up with me are in a similar scenario. Just keep plugging away and get it straightened out. Grand Nationals are definitely collector cars. My way of thinking is to keep it simple and not upgrade or mod stuff until it's running and driving well.

06HHR Reader
9/24/13 6:59 p.m.

E36 M3 happens, especially when a car is sitting. Squirrels munched on the wiring of my DD and my project car last winter, made a fine little nest in my fender and on the intake with my underhood insulation pad. Starters tend to die when they aren't used much (happened to my bud's car sitting in my yard last winter) and it's much easier for tree limbs to hit stationary targets. I think she's tired of waiting and wants you to commit.

jdbuilder Reader
9/24/13 7:05 p.m.

The Grand National is definitely going to be a collector. This is the ultimate year (1987) and its solid top (no moon roof, no astro roof, no t Tops etc) Of all the collector car possibilities this one is one of the best to restore due to the plethora of donor cars available via all the g bodies produced. This car will never be worth top collector money due to the nip and tuck she needed to keep her body solid. But she is solid. I had / have a serious love for this car. Just went and uncovered her and didn't even know where to start.

I think, maybe just sell her now, before I put any more work.

Then I think maybe trader her for another car as Im looking to get more involved with racing, not show cars.

Then I think, just hold on and fix relatively simple things and not have to worry about dealing with a lifetime of regret.

I don't think its the remote start, and it was more that it came with the viper alarm I got for her.

jdbuilder Reader
9/24/13 7:12 p.m.

Seriously feeling the GRM love... Overall it seems like I should keep her and stop whining about petty crap. Would that be accurate?

gunner Reader
9/24/13 9:12 p.m.

She's a keeper. And this coming from a guy that DD's a 1988 M5. Fix her up and enjoy her. Garage Therapy.

JtspellS Dork
9/24/13 9:27 p.m.

Some times you have to be boss of the house and rule with an iron fist even if she is fighting the whole way.

With time she will see that you are trying to help her along as much as possible and reward you with joy gratitude and happiness.

Now saying that, don't take relationship advise from a divorced guy

ransom UberDork
9/24/13 10:01 p.m.

The only counterargument for your summary I have is that I totally understand the idea of not mucking about with show cars. I can't imagine owning, maintaining, storing, and generally worrying about a car which is effectively too nice to actually use.

But some people find that very rewarding, especially if they're completely smitten with the car.

mdshaw New Reader
9/24/13 10:21 p.m.

Has she disappeared at night, returning burned to a crisp, then in the morning been good as new? If not, then I vote keep it.

patgizz UberDork
9/24/13 10:33 p.m.

it all depends on how far you are from me and what you think it's worth as it sits before i'll recommend a course of action.

4cylndrfury MegaDork
9/25/13 7:20 a.m.

As a long time lover of G bodies, and having seen a (possible clone of a) GN at a car show just last week and falling in love all over again, I couldnt imagine a scenario where I were the legal owner of a GN, and was inclined in any way whatsoever to sever that relationship. I would probably live inside that car.

914Driver MegaDork
9/25/13 7:28 a.m.

Could you buy one for what you would sell yours for?

You'll hate yourself in the morning ....

fornetti14 HalfDork
9/25/13 9:24 a.m.

The show must go on.
You can do it... one small step at a time.

mazdeuce SuperDork
9/25/13 9:44 a.m.

Don't fix everything, fix one thing. Then when that's sorted, drive it. Then fix another thing. Then drive it. It's easy to loathe cars that sit.

SilverFleet SuperDork
9/25/13 9:48 a.m.

Coming from a guy who has had a very similar relationship with a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, just keep pecking away at it. I'm going on 11 years with the Trans Am, and it's no closer to being a driver than when I first got it. But it's still in my driveway.

It's got a mind of it's own, and it gets jealous of other cars and other people and only likes to listen to hair metal and classic rock while it's out cruising, except for the Van Halen song Panama. That song is banned in that car because without fail, on several documented occasions, it's broken down or done something not so nice while that song was playing, like the time it embarrassed the crap out of me in front of a cute girl back in the day.

In 2010 when I brought home my CSX, it put up a giant tantrum and spit out a rocker arm. Now it's in "time out" sitting outside in my driveway.

Was your GN built anywhere near Norwood, Ohio?

Cars do this stuff, especially cool GM ones from the 70's and 80's. Stick with it and just whittle away at the issues.

Cotton SuperDork
9/25/13 9:48 a.m.
jdbuilder wrote: Seriously feeling the GRM love... Overall it seems like I should keep her and stop whining about petty crap. Would that be accurate?

Yes. That's a keeper.

yamaha PowerDork
9/25/13 10:03 a.m.

I temporarily stored a t-type while my friend moved and didn't have a way to take the car at that time, it required a 100% new wiring harness. The old one had been a "Biodegradable" one. She sat here for 3 months while a friend built the complete harness, then untested, the owner drove it 5 hours home with an open downpipe.....

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