rohlfiam None
9/28/15 2:45 p.m.

So, I went to Hyperfest at VIR this year to spectate and loved it. I've always wanted to get into road racing in some capacity, but always shied away because of budgetary concerns and lack of knowledge. Well I need to scratch the itch I got there and have been thinking about getting something to track a couple times a year, that could double as a grocery getter, and with better gas mileage than my Grand Cherokee. I've gone back to school so budget is a concern and have a new baby so 4 doors would be nice.

After looking through some forums I think I've decided on a Focus SVT ZX5. I was wondering if anyone had some input or thoughts on that choice. I found one with 160k on it for $4500 that I'm checking out this week. He says the timing belt was replaced at 100k which I've read is something to look out for. I want the car to split miles with the Jeep (and for when I pull the Jeep apart to find the source of its current 1 qt/month oil burn rate). After I finish school in a couple years, I was thinking about making it a dedicated track car if I don't go bigger (I miss my '13 Mustang GT something fierce). Anyone have any thoughts or comments on that path? Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks!

drdisque Reader
9/28/15 3:23 p.m.

Good car to learn on. Foci are very cheap cars to run these days.

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