Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
7/31/20 9:45 a.m.

What do you do when your radical, underdog race car beats Ferrari at Le Mans? You find a way to make it even faster and beat them again.

That was the idea behind the 390 Monza and the 427 Type 65 Le Mans Prototypes: To turn the already successful Daytona Coupe into a furious racing machine that would dominate any race it entered.

Schematics were drawn up, clay models were constructed, and the cars were even sent off to be built, but neither of them raced. What happened to these prototypes, then?

Some say it fell down to poor oversight of the projects, but others say that there was an internal conspiracy to stop the prototypes from winning out over the then-troubled GT40 program.

No one may know for certain what actually happened, but we can hear from Peter Brock, designer of both prototypes, in a two-part series over on Classic Motorsports

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j_tso Reader
8/1/20 7:56 p.m.

Does Peter Brock have plans to write about the De Tomaso P70, another one canceled for the GT40?

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