singledownloop Reader
5/12/17 6:52 p.m.

Does anyone know,for sure,what 5 speed manual the 4 cylinder 70-77 capri had?I've found varying info.I was told the 4 cylinder cars had a T9.

oldtin PowerDork
5/12/17 7:34 p.m.

my google fu says dagenham 4 speed in the 1970 car - after that a ford of Germany type F

GRM thread

GTXVette HalfDork
5/12/17 10:32 p.m.

My 73 V-6 Had one that allowed me to pull the SHIFTER completly OUT OF THE TRANS,Going down the road, Bummer

Tom1200 HalfDork
5/12/17 10:42 p.m.

There were a few different transmissions dependent on motor and market. Which 4 cylinder motor?


singledownloop Reader
5/12/17 11:01 p.m.

In reply to Tom1200:

It's a 2.3.

Tom1200 HalfDork
5/12/17 11:04 p.m.

I do not believe the 2.3 had a T-9, I thought the 2.0 motors did but not the 2.3. Not sure what 5 speed if it was something like a T-5


pres589 PowerDork
5/13/17 3:36 a.m.

Yeah, they were four speeds from the factory, I don't think any mk1 or mk2 Ford Capri got a five speed outside of maybe some RS cars that really don't factor into this question.

If I was putting a five speed Capri together I would look for T-5 bits. Having a 2.3 in the car already makes this really easy. Fox platform cars should be able to donate everything needed. I think this would require driveshaft work which makes for a great time to get a single piece shaft custom made and getting rid of the two-piece used by the factory.

The other option, which I wouldn't do unless I was in Europe, is to shop mk3 Capri's or other cars of the era for a T-9 swap. My preference would be to get a T-5 for strength and all the different ratios and such.

oldeskewltoy UltraDork
5/13/17 4:21 p.m.
GTXVette wrote: My 73 V-6 Had one that allowed me to pull the SHIFTER completly OUT OF THE TRANS,Going down the road, Bummer

Mine... if you were not careful.... you could put in 2 GEARS @ the same time

Datsun310Guy PowerDork
5/13/17 5:10 p.m.

My wife had one - hers was a 4-speed.

Her famous story is she lived with her parents in Chicago and was going to move to Alabama in 1980 when she graduated from high school to live.

Her '72 Capri dropped the exhaust and half her savings went towards a new exhaust so she stayed in Chicago and then met me.

jimbbski Dork
5/13/17 6:38 p.m.

Installing a T5 in a Capri with the 2.3L is "EASY". Get the bell housing from any Fox chassis car with a 2.3L and the T5 trans. When I did this swap is used a V8 T5 that did require a few easy mods to make it work. I also changed the clutch cable set up by drilling and tapping a hole so that I could use a V8 throw out bearing lever instead of the 4 cyl. one. It's direct acting instead of a bell crank linkage of the 4 cyl. A stock V8 drive shaft will fit but it's best to have it shorted 1 inch or it could bottom out under some instance. To make the driveshaft fit the stock Atlas rear I removed the flange on the axle that the DS bolts to and then on a lathe I make a location spacer that fixed the flange and the DS mount in place that allowed me to mark, drill and tap the 4 holes that allowed the V8 DS to directly bolt to the Atlas axle flange.

You can even use an aluminum DS as that's what I ended up using since I had one that was already 1 inch shorter then a stock Fox Mustang DS.

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