nimblemotorsports Reader
4/5/20 11:04 a.m.

I am reluctant to buy yet another transmission for the 48 Willys project.   I have three manual 5-speed transmissions, Ford 4.0, RX8, and 944.

These don't bolt up to a Ford 5.0.   But perhaps I could make them without spending more than finding a T5? (They seem to want $600 for them!?)

The 944 setup is intriguing, would be some effort to use it in a ford explorer chassis.   But perhaps i don't have to use a Ford Explorer chassis

if I go with a 944 transaxle.   

There is a 95 v6 mustang with T5 not too far away for $300.   Should I just go that route?  It would give me all the bits needed.

Or I can just use the automatic and call it good, but the v8 cammed loud exhaust needs a  clutch to go with it me thinks.. 

What wisdom shall you impart upon me?

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