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LukeGT GRM+ Memberand New Reader
1/4/24 12:46 p.m.
ish_da said:

In reply to Will :

I had a Pontiac GXP -08, the 303hp 5.3L one.... I couldn't catch the Marauder going down the road and trust me, I tried but failed. I dunno if something was done to it, but he definitely outpaced me.

He definitely had a lot of work done in that case. I absolutely love Marauders and it's actually one of my "bucket list" cars that I absolutely must own one day. BUT, they only ran low 15s in the 1/4 on average. I owned a 2007 Grand Prix GXP about a decade ago, sucker went 13.79 bone stock first pass down the 1/4. Loved that car too! 

Hooligan61 New Reader
1/17/24 7:37 a.m.

I had a '91 P71, bone stock. Handled great for what it was. Competed in local Motorsports club auto-x F-stock, won the the class both years '02-'03. People would complain gates were too tight, Marshall would tell them to hang on and wait until I went through without coning(?). That would be the end of that complaint. And LEOs would show up and watch, and when I rolled out the return road,  I'd get a standing ovation! Great memories!

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