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  1. Huckleberry, 78 votes
    yamaha wrote: HOLY CRAP.......the advertisement before the video showed dolphin/woman love.........the end is nigh
    Dear yamaha: You have been identified as having certain marine-biased proclivities based on your browsing …
  2. Marjorie Suddard, 68 votes
    Hi, and welcome to our Off Topic forum. We invite conversation on a variety of topics here, but with the following caveats. Please note that failure to adhere to these …
  3. Nick (LUCAS) Comstock, 52 votes
    Every once in a while I'll try to click the little +1 button under a post and the little button just goes to a smaller 0 and won't +1 the …
  4. Joe Gearin, 50 votes
    One of the reasons you will find ads placed within articles is because they are more effective when run next to editorial content. You noticed the ads didn't you?
  5. Toyman01, 49 votes
    Let me preface this by saying, I love my wife, but technical she isn't. When we married, she barely knew how to put gas in a car, much less how …
  6. captdownshift, 43 votes
    made it home on Wednesday after sucking the hospital WiFi bandwidth dry via my phone once I holding it on my chest wasn't incredibly painful. …
  7. Giant Purple Snorklewacker, 40 votes
    Why is she still your girlfriend?
  8. Lesley, 39 votes
    I had an MX-5 for a track day last summer. On the way to the track, a guy in a black Genesis coupe rode my ass and then finally flew …
  9. Toyman01, 35 votes
    99.999% of the people in this world have no interest in learning anything that doesn't fit into their world view. The other .001% are on here.
  10. irish44j, 35 votes
    And you may ask yourself How do I drive without a third pedal? And you may ask yourself What is that thing sticking out of the steering column? And you …

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