motomoron SuperDork
3/12/21 6:41 p.m.

I inherited this 100% complete '83 R100RT about 5 years ago, and other bikes and cars, racing, and renovating a 71 year old house have been in the way of doing anything with it aside from airing up the tires and moving it when it's race season so I can get the trailer out. 

It was stored in a dark garage from 2008, when last ridden, until 2015 when I brought it to my home in MD near DC from Ohio where it belonged to my Sister's S.O. who had Alzheimer's and it had become obvious he'd done his last motorcycling. There it sat under a Cycle Dome cover. Kind of in the way, and a reminder of how little time I have for projects anymore.  The recent sale of a big sheet metal shear and brake and near-immediate conversion of the funds generated into a 1982 Suzuki GS1100E make it time for the RT to move on: 

Here's the listing

If necessary I can create a full listing here. 

TL/DR - It's dirty and needs the carbs and petcocks and all the hydraulics fully gone through, a battery, tires and tubes, fluids and a good cleaning I'm looking for $2500, which for a 100% complete RT is not a bad number. 



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