Jerry PowerDork
6/10/24 4:04 p.m.

Got my permanent set on Friday.  I was using Fixodent Ultra Max or something with the temps, with partial success.  I had already bought the Seabond stuff without knowing it wouldn't work with the soft lining in the temps.

I decided to try it Friday for dinner.  I was in a hurry but think I did as directed (cut to size-ish, put in the denture, wet from the top), but after a few bites the bottoms came loose.  I tried again Sunday but the second bite & they came loose again.

I see some reviews saying this stuff is awesome, I wish it was.  The cleanup is WAY simpler, but so far no luck.  Anyone using it with success?  And an idea what I'm doing wrong?  (Brand new dentures so the fit should be perfect.)

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