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adam525i GRM+ Memberand Dork
4/25/22 11:05 p.m.

Love the sketchy flying too! 

RedGT Dork
4/28/22 2:03 p.m.

Stupid Rustler project hit 85.3 mph, which appears to be where it plateaus with the current gearing.  That's also several thousand RPM over what the motor is supposed to do so I assume that's what is holding it back.  Ordered new gearing and finally some 'real' front tires because the 23 year old ones are a little rough after, uh, launching into the grass at 80 mph and cartwheeling for a hundred feet.

83 mph for a brief moment in this video.  Sadly the big crash corrupted the video file of it :(


Vracer111 HalfDork
6/19/22 6:16 a.m.

Alrighty... finally finished modding the Kyosho Inferno NEO 3.0 to how I want it, just need to calibrate the new receiver to get it functional.






MP9 17.5° front Al hub carrier [IFW474] (stock arms had to be clearanced to allow for proper droop & camber)

MP9 TK14 -2.0 offset rear machined Al hub carrier [IF490] with MP9 3.5mm lower suspension hinge screws [IFW415] (had to drill out rear arm from stock 3.0mm to 3.5mm to fit it)

MP9 machined Al knuckle arm [IFW332] and King pins [IF438] (stock king pin bushing shoulder thickness had to be stoned down for clearance to allow steering knuckles to swivel)

3.0mm stainless hinge pins with e-clips for bottom hub pivot and inner upper pivot of front arms [IF111-38 & IF111-40], selection of different thickness 3.0mm spacers used for proper fitment.

3.0mmx30mm shouldered socket head screws cut down to length for front & rear upper arm top hub pivots, with 3mm locking nuts used to secure

MP10 front CVD set (94mm)[IFW613]

NOS HPI Racing 8x100mm dogbones for rear (good fit, but an 8x102mm dogbone would be the absolutely perfect fit)

All turnbuckles replaced with a Lunsford titanium set

Rear MP9 mud guard set [IF452]

MP9 HD shock sets, 47mm front [IFW471] & 55mm rear [IFW470] - assembled in aeration type configuration with 35WT TLR shock oil and 70mm/4.42lb-in & 84mm/3.68lb-in springs F/R (will probably up the rear spring rate, have 85mm/4.12lb-in & 84mm/5.28lb-in options in my inventory)

Lightweight shock bushings [IF346-04LB] - needed for the larger diameter HD shocks to clear the towers

Rear stabilizer bar set [IF117]

Machined Al motor mount [IF501] (snapped off a screw in the stock pot metal one... so decided to upgrade - lighter, stronger, and easier gear mesh adjustment)

Kyosho TORX 8+ 2300kv motor (additional 4,400+ rpm over the stock 2000kv motor @ 14.8v)

Changed from 12 to 13 tooth pinion [IF505-13]

ESC mounting area had to be cut to fit with new side guards and ESC rotated 90° and power switch relocated from rear to facing left outside to fit.

Cleaned grease out of all 3 differentials, installed new gaskets, and filled with Kyosho differential fluid (3k/7k/5k)

RC Screwz stainless fastener set for Inferno NEO 3.0 VE

MP9 TK12/TK13 side guards [IF474B] (a bit of work required to fit to the NEO 3.0 chassis - was required since I wanted to switch to a MP9 TK Style body)

Bittydesign Force MP9 TK12/13/14 body (painted in Tamiya PS-63 bright gun metal and both front port areas of sidepods cut open for cooling)

Dusty Motors universal large (13"×13") chassis dust shroud

MP9 TK14 rear wing [IF491BK] with high downforce wickerbill installed and flat wing washers [IF455]

Savox SB-2273SG high torque steering servo & ProTek aluminum servo horn

Sanwa RX-380 receiver with a 4700uF capacitor voltage protector (Spectrum SPM1600) plugged in unused channel

stroker PowerDork
6/19/22 8:29 a.m.
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