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aircooled UltimaDork
10/14/13 5:39 p.m.

Welcome to the (un)official GRM - Gran Turismo 5 racing League - Series 13.


This is a championship series based on the cars and spirit of the Grassroots Motorsports (and what is available in GT5). Although highly competitive the main focus of the racing is fun clean racing. Because of this, rough driving is highly discouraged.

This league will consist of 10 races run weekly, and 2 classes: BTR / Spec GTR

Spec RUF GTR Kim Kardashian ain't the only one with a lot of mass hangin' out the back.

  • Only car allowed is RUF RGT
  • No mods allowed. Only adjustment allowed in brake balance.
  • Room will be set to No Modifications
  • Tires restricted to SS (using lesser tires is allowed)


Spec GTR No shortage of these in the game so lets use just one.

  • Only car allowed is GT-R SpecV '09 (available new)
  • 610 pp max
  • Tuning is unlimited (except as noted below)
  • Maximum of 90% engine power limiter allowed.
  • No Tire restriction
  • 1680 kg weight. No adding, removing, or moving weight except as specified for Handicap
  • Races are run as one 20 min races.
  • Tire and Fuel Use is set to Very Fast.



To help equalize cars and/or drivers, cars will be handicapped based on finish position. Handicapping is detailed below. 1st finisher will be given a 2 step HC, 2nd finisher a 1 step. One step of HC is removed for each week raced that the driver does not finish in the top 2 places.

GTR: Handicap will be 100kg or 200kg extra weight (1780 kg, 1880 kg total) positioned at the zero point. You cannot adjust PP back up to 610. If you need to re-tune the car that affects the PP level, remove the weight, tune to 610pp, then add the HC weight back.

RGT: Handicap will be use of SM tires.

HC levels will be tracked on the Standing board above.


  • 1st - 16 points
  • 2nd - 14 points
  • 3rd - 12 points
  • 4th - 11 points
  • 5th - 10 points
  • 6th - 9 points
  • 7th - 8 points
  • 8th - 7 points
  • 9th - 6 point
  • 10th - 5 point
  • 11th - 4 point
  • 12th - 3 point
  • 13th - 2 point
  • 14th - 1 point

  • You get 2 points for qualifying on the pole.

  • You get 2 points for fastest race lap.

  • Two extra points for the biggest shunt victim. Voted by participants if needed.

Points for the championship will consist of your 9 highest scores (you will drop your lowest scoring race). With this, missing a race won't eliminate your chances.

First tie breaker is total wins. Second tie breaker is ROC/Challenge race.

Starting and Restarts

In an effort to combat glitching, when a race is started, all participants will exit into the pits before the count down counter reaches 10 seconds. This will not affect qualifying order. Please note your starting position in the event of a restart.

If major glitching or a large series of collisions (CF) occur at the start or within a few turns of the start anyone witnessing a significant enough of an event should type RESTART in the message window and a restart will be initiated. In the event of a restart:

  • All participants will exit the track
  • Do NOT re-enter the track until instructed
  • The race will then be started as a Rolling Start.
  • When the race is started, participants will form up in the original starting order (as best they can recall) with special consideration to the top 3 positions.

Rolling start: The lead qualifying will be responsible for pacing the pack at 80 mph to a designated point (probably the last turn before a back straight) at which point the race starts (in the case of a restart, the starting point will be much closer to the start line).

There is NO passing until that point, and previous to the start point cars will attempt to get into the original start order. If another major glitching incident occurs with the re-start, the glitching car will be asked to start at the back an stay clear of cars for the first few turns. Ultimately a glitching car may be asked to leave, which will be avoided if at all possible.

Rules: (Repeated violations / complaints will result in a DQ.)

  • Qualifying: A 10-15 min qualifying session will be held before each race. A one lap "reset race" will be run before the first race qualifying to clear/reset the qualifying times.

  • You must start the race on the tires that you qualify on. (The Spool rule)

  • All driving aids are off (TCS, Driving line, etc), except ABS

  • Damage is set to Low, draft to High, edge setting is Real, penalty is set to Off.

  • Racing etiquette applies (e.g. it is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to ensure a clean pass). Keep the racing clean.

  • Passing Consideration: No passing under braking. Make certain you have a clear position on a car (beside the car) BEFORE a corner if you plan to pass in a corner. In such a case both cars are required to provide driving room in the corner (punting rule does apply). See below for examples.

  • Braking consideration. In order to avoid rear-ending others during braking, please either take a different line from the car you are following or fade brake as shown below:

  • Corner Cutting: Maintain two wheels on the track (not curbs) at all times. Cutting is allowed to avoid hitting other cars (do not improve your position)

  • Punting Courtesy Rule: The following driver is responsible for not making contact with the car in front. If you push someone else off of the track you are required to wait for them to return to the track and allow them to stay in front of you for at least one turn. This rule also applies if you force someone into a cut if they have a clear reasonable position beside you.

  • Track Re-Entry: If you do run off the track, re-enter the track by merging into the track, parallel to the track. Give way to faster traffic. Avoid crossing the track or driving slower in the racing line when possible.

  • One Move Rule: When being followed by another car, you are allowed one move that is out of the normal racing line per section (straight / turn) of the track. E.g. if someone is drafting up behind you, you can cut to the inside to take that line, but cannot then cut back to the outside. Swerving to avoid the draft is not allowed (although you can still make the one move).


If you would like to compete in 1 or more classes, you will need to have AllAirCooled (ARR-Argo1 and Spoolpigeon are alternates) (PSN IDs) as a friend to enter the room. Send me a PM, or post in this thread listing:

  • PSN ID
  • GRM ID
  • Desired Class(es) and car choice (if applicable)

Drop ins are also generally welcome. If you are not planning on actively competing is the series, please avoid hindering any of the active drivers.


All races are held in Private Lounges. In order to enter the room you will need to find another participant in your fiend list( preferably Argo or Allaircooled) and click on the yellow icon next to the lounge coffee cup icon to enter the room.

Races scheduled to be held on Wednesday evenings. Each class race would run sequentially. At 8PM Central Time (9ET, 6PT) we will run a one lap "reset race" to zero out the qualifying times. Qualifying for the first race will start immediately after the reset race with the race starting at approximately 15 after (depending on participant arrival). The second class will start qualifying at aprox. 8:45 - 9:00PM Central Time, with the race starting at approx. 9:00 - 9:15PM Central Time.

Event schedule:

Races length will be set to correspond an aprox. 10 Min total race time for X, approx 20 min race for GTR.

Results color coding: Blue = Pole Position, Green = Fast Lap, Purple = Shunt Award (blue/green is pole and fast lap)

  • 10/23 - Round 1 Nurburgring GP/F [5/10 laps] Winning Times: GTR: 21:02.662 RGT: 13:03.916

  • 10/30 - Round 2 Deep Forest [7/16 laps] Winning Times: GTR - 21:16.156 RGT - 9:33.489

  • 11/6 - Round 3 Daytona Road Course [12/5 laps] Winning Times: GTR: 22.57 RGT: 9.58

  • 11/13 - Round 4 Trial Mountain [15/7 laps] Winning times RGT: 11:02.34 GTR: 22:52.12

  • 11/22 - Round 5 Fuji Speedway F [6/12 laps]

  • 11/27 - Mid Series Break: Testing for next season - Grand Valley Speedway - RGT (7 laps, full tire / fuel wear, no tire restrictions) - 550 pp European Cars (5 laps, no tire restrictions, no tire wear)

  • 12/4 - Round 6 Grand Valley Speedway Reverse [6/12 laps]

  • 12/11 - Round 7 Nurburgring GP/D [15/7 laps]

  • 12/18 - Round 8 Indy Road course / Indy Oval [6/21 laps]

  • 1/1 - Round 9 Suzuka [4/10 laps]

  • 1/8 - Round 10 Grand Valley East [20/9 laps]

  • 1/15 - GT6 Series Testing -

  • 1/22 - GT6 Series Testing -


aircooled PowerDork
10/14/13 5:41 p.m.

Car Colors:

  • Allaircooled - Dk Blue (Yellow)
  • ARR-Argo1 - Yellow
  • Spoolpigeon - Orange (you glad it's not Chrome Brush Gold!!)
  • GTP_Spyhunter - White (Gold)
  • Advan046 - Green
  • dean1484 - Black
  • Compg05 - Sky blue (white)
  • TheDerve - Lt Blue (orange)
  • Swank - Pink
trigun7469 Reader
10/14/13 7:26 p.m.

I would like to join my psn id is the same user name as on this site.

Advan046 Reader
10/14/13 9:32 p.m.

In reply to trigun7469:

Welcome Trigun man I never did figure out that anime.

aircooled PowerDork
10/14/13 9:49 p.m.

Trigun: I will send you a friend request.

If you can, join us on Wednesday (9 pm Eastern, my Lobby) for our testing. A bit more free form from our normal races, but it would be a great time to get acquainted.

aircooled PowerDork
10/14/13 10:17 p.m.

Good news everyone! (well, almost everyone)

Looks like Hunter will be back! I already told him he will be "hunting" Spool .... should get interesting...

Spoolpigeon SuperDork
10/14/13 10:27 p.m.
aircooled wrote: Good news everyone! (well, almost everyone) Looks like Hunter will be back! I already told him he will be "hunting" Spool .... should get interesting...

Ah crap. My reign is over!!!

nicksta43 SuperDork
10/14/13 10:54 p.m.

It'll be good to have him back

nicksta43 SuperDork
10/14/13 11:21 p.m.

Air, under event schedule you have SSS and gt300.

dean1484 PowerDork
10/15/13 11:19 a.m.

I will be on for a little while tonight. Probably starting about 9:15 eastern (my daughter and I watch NCIS on Tuesday nights from 8:00 - 9:00). I was going to play with the RUF and if I get board with that I will open a public room and maybe do some shuffle racing for the fun of it.

aircooled PowerDork
10/15/13 11:33 a.m.

I will probably try to get on for about an hour (~5-6 pm PST), I will look for you.

I want to mess with the RGT also. I am not sure if I want to try no ABS or not. The car is hell under braking with no ABS, but much nicer in turns. Car is a bit to sticky on SS in the corners to me (lacks throttle steer).

dean1484 PowerDork
10/15/13 12:51 p.m.

I tend to glide cars in to the corners so i do less throral stearing. It would be nice if it rotated a little more on exit i guess. Is that what you ate refering to.

Also i think i saw s RUF in my use car lot so i may actually have a spare now that Argo sent me one.

aircooled PowerDork
10/15/13 1:00 p.m.

Yup, you can get a bit of rotation coming out of a corner if you are careful. More so though is modulating the throttle going into the corner to control oversteer. Need to rotate more into the corner (or slow down) let off the gas a bit. Need to rotate less or stop a drift, get on the gas a bit. Add a nice dynamic to the driving. For some reason, ABS kills this (it acts more like stability control).

The trick of course is almost any angle at all while braking will result in a skid without ABS (turning down the rear brakes helps at bit).

Argo1 Dork
10/15/13 1:06 p.m.

I may look for you guys tonight for a little RGT practice.

trigun7469 Reader
10/15/13 1:11 p.m.

Are you still going to do the Wens practice? I might be available tonight

Advan046 Reader
10/15/13 1:13 p.m.

I may need an RGT. Don't have one right now but I keep checking the used cars.

DaveEstey UltraDork
10/15/13 1:14 p.m.

RGT might suck for those using controllers. It's hard to swing the hammer without being able to be smooth with the gas and brake.

Apexcarver PowerDork
10/15/13 1:20 p.m.

Perhaps not for this series, but I have one we should do sometime.

Nascars.. Seriously, we were talking about finding cars that burn through tires, 850hp and over 3k lbs, RWD, make delightful noises.

RUF's tend to be really hard to drive, I have trouble even keeping the yellowbird on the track, much less even thinking about racing side to side with someone. ( I don't have a RGT, only a BTR and a Yellowbird)

aircooled PowerDork
10/15/13 1:30 p.m.

I have a number of spare RGTs so I can send some out.

The RGT on SS with ABS is not hard at all to drive on a controller (much easier then the BTR or YB), I was testing it the other night. Take the ABS off, it gets more interesting, put the stock SH on, even more interesting.

aircooled PowerDork
10/15/13 1:31 p.m.
trigun7469 wrote: Are you still going to do the Wens practice? I might be available tonight

Yes, we are doing a more formal test on Wednesday. Tonight is just a random gathering that you are more then welcome to.

Dean: If you do get on before I do. Do your practice in my Lobby, that should allow (I think) Trigun to participate if he is available and I have not shown up yet .

Trigun: You can send out friend request once you are in the room to others in the series from the participant listing in lobby (click on their name). That will make it easier to participate in any random practices (Dean and Argo seem to do those the most).

DaveEstey UltraDork
10/15/13 1:47 p.m.

But ABS makes it slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Slalom New Reader
10/15/13 1:54 p.m.

I take it the rgt isn't a new dealer car? Is it generally used or online dealer? I'll take a look but might be interested in one of those if you still have extras. My vote is stock tires though, I personally feel most of the cars respond more realistically with less grip. I view the ss to be equivalent to ra1s in real life. I can understand that some of these may not work too well with controllers though.

aircooled PowerDork
10/15/13 2:21 p.m.
Advan046 wrote: I may need an RGT. Don't have one right now but I keep checking the used cars.

OK, I just sent a nice yellow one to you, all tuned up an everything.

I cannot send another one for 24 hours, so if someone can spare one for Slalom (Argo?) please do.

(don't forget to change the oil in these, they are used)

Slalom New Reader
10/15/13 3:19 p.m.

I have a question about the gtr. Does the 95% power limiter mean that is the most we can reduce power by or that we max everything out and then that is the maximum power we can have? I'm assuming the first based on the past, but just want to confirm.

aircooled PowerDork
10/15/13 3:25 p.m.

It's the minimum setting you can use (maximum amount of reduction)

You should be able to get very close to 610 with parts, just use the Power Limiter to fine tune (95-100% should be plenty for that).

I think doing all the upgrades and a stage 2 engine gets you right about to 610pp.

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