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pheller UltimaDork
10/30/19 12:00 p.m.

This is the challenge with tear down builds. It's easy to fall out of love when you can't ride it. 

Javelin MegaDork
10/30/19 2:33 p.m.

In reply to NOHOME :

You have it backwards. Jm and mrsjm love the drivetrain combo and hate the shell it's in.

Javelin MegaDork
10/30/19 2:37 p.m.

Here's the car in question.

Somebody please buy it!

Patrick MegaDork
10/30/19 2:40 p.m.

I'm in Dunedin till Friday morning.  I also have no room in the trailer for another car and zero desire to come back to Florida empty.  Thankfully, distance is saving me from myself even though I'm right up the road now

Andy Neuman
Andy Neuman SuperDork
10/30/19 2:53 p.m.

In reply to Patrick :

You could stack them in the trailer 

jmthunderbirdturbo HalfDork
10/30/19 9:39 p.m.

im actually in OH-IO, (i need to change that somehow)


Jav is correct, the drivetrain i love, but I really hate the Notchback stang. funny thing, i ALWAYS hated mustangs, and was more of a Thunderbird/LTD/crown vic kind of person. im also 6ft2 and 305 lbs, so i suppose that makes sense. I don't even know what possessed me to buy this one when i needed a FOX chassis shell for my motor, but it turns out i still hate mustangs. (well, fox mustangs). i have an 88 TC i need to get back out of the barn and get going on, and what i need to do is dump this car and spend the coin on that one.


so that settles it, the car is up for sale. i will do some basic trim painting on it, maybe buff out the paint runs that have been there for over a year, try to fix the starter/battery issues, and list it.



dropstep UltraDork
10/30/19 9:47 p.m.
jmthunderbirdturbo said:

so, over the last 15 months, ive been building a notchback mustang. i have always had thunderbird turbo coupes, and wanted to swap the driveline in to a notch for YEARS. i finally got the chance when an older TC i was DDing rotted out past safe operation, and i found a decent swap candidate. my wife even bought me a PIMPx MS3 setup for it ($900), and was generally supportive of the build. i went through the motor, the engine bay, and most of the driveline. i did upgraded brakes, better flywheel, lower control arms, mini starter, lowering springs, stainless steel exhaust system, upgraded cooling, etc. and for the most part its complete, and ive been driving it for some time now. it looks great, runs well, and is fairly fast, with plenty of room left for tuning and boost increase. the interior is nice, heat works, etc, and its an all around decent, fun, fast DD. but theres a problem...


i hate it. i hate all of it. i hate the size, i hate the color *I* painted it, i hate the wheels/tires *I* specked out for it, i hate the seats *I* swapped in, i hate the light switch clutch *I* picked out for it, etc. Plus, the wife hates it. i was hoping it would be a fun car for when her parents are watching the kids and we could go out on dates with it, but she *hates* the car. shes simply not comfortable in it. i actually fixed some things she hated about it trying to make it better for her, replacing the exhaust with a quieter (far more expensive) setup. i replaced the $400 racing buckets with standard GT seats, i repaired the non-working heat... but every time she gets in it she finds another thing she hates, and i dont even disagree with her. we just dont like the car. 


problem is i cant really sell it, as theres still a bunch of finish work to do, and quite a bit of money to spend, but with both of us disliking the project, its hard to justify spending time or cash on it. 


what do i do? strip it, cash out the shell? just take whatever i can can get as-is and move on? make the case for finishing it to get decent money back out of it? double the insurance and slam it into a tree?


anyone been here? came close to or finished a car that you discovered you hated?



My first turbo 2.3 swapped mustang was parted out after I put 100 ish miles on it for many of the same reasons. I hated the car when I was done, my wife picked the color but hated it because it was ttop and loud .I ended up selling the engine and transmission, the turbo coupe 8.8 and the turbo coupe wheels to one person and the roller too another. I lost money but I was happy when it left 

Patrick MegaDork
10/30/19 9:59 p.m.

It does not help that i'll be very close to you in a week or two either, but i'm also very cheap and also hate mustangs

chief8one Reader
10/30/19 10:12 p.m.

where in ohio are you located I dig it.  

jmthunderbirdturbo HalfDork
10/31/19 3:05 a.m.

In reply to chief8one :

im in columbus, well, actually just northwest of columbus in marysville. 

hit me up if your interested in it as is, I'll give any GRMer a great deal to make it go away before the holidays. 



jmthunderbirdturbo HalfDork
10/31/19 4:11 a.m.
STM317 UltraDork
10/31/19 5:07 a.m.

*Looks at classified ad

*Looks at 04 Cobra IRS and 13" front brakes collecting dust in the garage

*Remembers complete lack of time for anything fun and a backlog of other projects


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