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racerdave600 Dork
5/30/12 4:47 p.m.

Iceracer has it right, racing is racing. I've been fortunate to race or crew in 4 different sanctioning bodies, oval and road courses, and there really is something to like about all of it.

I wish everyone could have a glimpse at the strategy it takes to run an oval, or the ongoing setup changes, or what it takes to simply make the car a 10th faster so you can start in the top 10 instead of dead last.

As for open wheels, I got hooked watching F1 on Wide World of Sports, and of course the Indy 500. When I got to drive my first open wheel car (F500), it was a real eye opener. They seem so calm on TV, in the car they are simply violent, nothing at all like you might imagine, and of course it wasn't even in the same league as those. I had bruises for weeks afterwards and could barely move my arms, but until that point, it was the most fun I had ever had in a race car.

The point is, I love all racing. That doesn't mean every race is exciting though, even from behind the wheel. But I personally think Indycar is better now that at anytime since '95. Even the look of the new car is starting to grow on me.

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