HappyAndy HalfDork
5/4/11 9:43 p.m.

There is a fleet management buisness that frequently advertises on the radio in my area, saying that they are seeking to hire experienced auto, truck and heavy equipment techs for position as service consultants.

They seem to advertise frequently, so I figure they must have a high turn-over rate, after all how many consultants or technical support people could a buisness like that need?

So I decided to google them to find out if there were any outsider reviews of this buisness' performance, and I couldn't find anyone gripeing or praising these guys 10 pages into a google search. Every thing I found was leading back to this company's web site, the sites of other companies that compete with or do buisness with this company or information about this company's potential for investors, no reviews and no dirt. IS THERE A TRICK to searching for this type of information?

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